Join us at HBI 2023 this Monday

Join us at HBI 2023 this Monday for an incredible opportunity to connect with 600 delegates from 41 countries. Discover why our event has grown from 80 to 600 attendees over the past decade. With a diverse range of operators, investors, advisers, and suppliers, HBI 2023 offers constructive discussions, networking, and high-level content that will leave a lasting impact. If you’re part of the healthcare industry, interested in business models, or seeking investment opportunities, don’t miss out. Book your ticket now and experience firsthand why delegates love this event. See you on Monday!

We are very much looking forward to greeting 600 delegates from 41 countries at HBI 2023, June 19-21. They include over 200 operators, 150 investors plus a wide range of advisers and suppliers. If you haven’t booked yet, we still have a few places – every year, we get walk-ins on the day!

Our aim is to really enable constructive discussions and networking, which will go on long after the event. And many, many hours are spent on planning and delivering really high-level, quality content. 

This is how we’ve grown the event over the past decade from 80 to 600. If health care is your industry, if you are interested in business models, if you are looking to sell or invest, you should join us. But don’t take my word for it – click here to see why delegates love this event. 

And then book your ticket. I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

I hope you will join us at HBI 2023, June 19-21. To book your ticket click here. To see the full agenda click here

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