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Alex Beauvais


McKinsey & Company

Alex Beauvais co-founded and leads Healthcare Analytics by McKinsey. He is also a partner in our Healthcare practice and involved in healthcare client service in the US, UK and France. Healthcare Analytics by McKinsey is our Tech entity dedicated to helping payors, providers, and public healthcare entities use data, advanced analytics products and capabilities  to improve healthcare. The portfolio of products covers Market intelligence, Population Health Management, Next Generation Care Management, Payment innovation, etc. As acting CTO, Alex leads our Product and Engineering function that develops our healthcare analytics products as well as the underpinning Nebula platform that powers all these products.

Recent Experience

  • Development of the data and analytics approach to help UK ICS (ACO model) make better decisions
  • Building and commercializing our most advanced analytics assets and bring them to “as a Service products” where clients can subscribe to them directly.
  • Designing, building, deploying, scaling and operating the Nebula Platform – The nebula platform is McKinsey Big Data and Advanced Analytics Healthcare platform focused on building advanced Healthcare models. For example:
  • Nebula has been used to build the payment innovation model of multiple US states modernizing their Medicaid program
  • Nebula is used everyday by ~800 McKinsey Healthcare professionals and relies on a healthcare data store of ~200TB covering ±150 million lives
  • Nebula is central  to McKinsey COVID-19 analytics  and is used by 2,000 McKinsey colleagues.
  • Nebula enables McKinsey Healthcare Data and Analytics as a Service activities
  • Founding and scaling Healthcare Analytics by McKinsey – In the context of the evolution of McKinsey & Company towards “analytics-enabled consulting”, McKinsey decided to invest into the build-up of a dedicated Healthcare Analytics entity in charge of delivering and eventually productizing core Healthcare Analytics use cases covering population health management, payment innovation, mental health, next generation primary care, and multiple provider use cases too (provider growth, provider costs, provider outcomes), etc
  • Building multiple SaaS products (incl. Climate Desk, HealthTracker)’

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