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Bjoern von Siemens

Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer


Coming from a background of technology and healthcare innovators, Bjoern is driven by the vision of creating stronger societies through better human health. Since 2007, Bjoern has been founding, investing and mentoring for the healthcare technology space. He co-founded surgical.ai in 2011, a healthcare investment group with $150m AUM. Bjoern also launched caresyntax, a global leader in surgical analytics and automation. As of 2021, Caresyntax’s technologies are used in 4,000 operating rooms worldwide and improving 3 million surgeries/per year. Bjoern was educated at London School of Economics and conducted several years of research on entrepreneurship at both the University of St. Gallen and Harvard University. He published his research in peer-reviewed and management journals and authored a study on the history of Siemens at Harvard Business School.

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