Dr Sanjeev Kanoria

Founder and Chairman

Advinia Health Care

Sanjeev is a doctor, scientist and entrepreneur. A liver transplant surgeon who has worked at some of the best liver transplant centres internationally, Sanjeev received a category 1 PhD from University College London, for seminal work in reducing liver injury. He has published numerous scientific papers on liver transplant and robotics in major scientific journals and was an invited author for the chapter on liver diseases in the oldest and most well-known textbook for surgery, the Bailey & Love surgery textbook, read by thousands of surgical students around the world.

Sanjeev received an MBA from London Business School and worked at McKinsey & Co in London. Along with his wife, Sanjeev is the owner and Co-Founder of Advinia Health Care Ltd with 3,300 care home beds in the UK providing high quality care to those living with dementia, or needing nursing care, and providing employment to more than 3,000 people. He is also the Deputy Chairman of Austrian Anadi Bank, one of that country’s oldest banks, providing banking services to the provincial governments of Austria, and known for its innovations in digital banking.

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