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Dr Stephen Sammut

Chair, Industry Advisory Board

Alta Semper Capital

Dr Sammut is Senior Fellow, Health Care Management and Lecturer, Entrepreneurship at the Wharton School.  During his 32 years teaching at Wharton and other business schools in India, Israel, Kenya, Portugal, and Russia, he has created over a dozen courses that he has taught to nearly 14,000 students. These courses include Private Equity in Emerging Markets; Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management; Strategic Management of Intellectual Property; Comparative Health Care Services Systems (India and African venues), Health Care Entrepreneurship; and the Role of the Private Sector in Global Health among others. His research focuses on international development, health care and biotechnology capacity development in emerging economies, as well as adoption of precision medicine. Dr Sammut puts his research findings into practice through the International Institute for Biotechnology Entrepreneurship, an organization which he founded and manages, that has offered over 55 intensive training programs in 14 countries to over 2500 entrepreneurs.

Beyond his academic activity, Dr Sammut is Chair, Industry Advisory Board of Alta Semper Capital, a private equity firm focused on health care investing on the African Continent. He supports efforts in deal sourcing, due diligence, valuation and governance, as well as capitalization of the Fund itself. In his private sector work over the last 50 years, Dr Sammut has founded, managed, or financed nearly 50 companies in life sciences and IT globally. Over the last several decades he has been a partner or adviser to numerous health care and impact-oriented venture capital and private equity firms internationally.

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