Guglielmo Brayda Di Soleto


Ergéa Group

Dr Guglielmo Brayda di Soleto is the CEO of Ergéa Group, a leading European cancer care and diagnostic imaging platform with a focus on four distinct healthcare markets: managed equipment services, integrated clinical services, outpatient clinics and equipment maintenance. Ergéa Group currently operates in the UK, Germany and Italy and is gradually entering new markets in Europe. With a strong track record of driving growth and innovation, he leads Ergèa Group towards significant expansion and success at the European level.

Dr Brayda di Soleto is a trained neurologist and neuroradiologist with numerous scientific publications in MRI neurology. He has over 30 years of business experience in partnering with public and private hospitals to transform their provision of diagnostic imaging and cancer care with advanced medical equipment. Under his leadership, Ergéa Group has been at the forefront of the Private-Public Partnership (PPP) in Italy, helping public hospitals navigate through the complexity of the PPP process and enabling them to bring innovations efficiently to their clinical operations.

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