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Hugues Brat

General Manager


I am excited to introduce myself as a healthcare leader passionate about using artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize radiology. With over 20 years of experience as a radiologist and, more recently, as CEO of 3R, I am well-versed in the application of AI to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare.

My expertise and experience in medical research and development, along with my collaborations with various industrial sectors, have enabled me to develop strong leadership and project management skills. From conception to implementation, I have successfully contributed to delivering several AI products, software, and applications in radiology and presented scientific work at numerous international conferences.

As a visionary leader, I am committed to helping teams structure their projects, organize research projects, and drive effective change. My expertise in teleradiology and AI in radiology enables me to provide services to organize teleradiology for a care network, implement imaging protocols in a structured and accompanied way, and offer artificial intelligence applications in radiology services or network consultancy in radiation protection. Additionally, I can advise the banking and financial community on investment opportunities in medical care, particularly in the radiology sector.

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