Imran Farid

International Executive Director

GE HealthCare

Imran Farid has spent 22 years in healthcare focused on improving outcomes for patients, expanding access to care and Delivering healthcare in the most effective way. Such is this dedication he is undertaking a Doctorate in Value based healthcare to create practical frameworks for its adoption in cancer care.

He is currently the International Executive director for GE HealthCare and manages the largest International strategic healthcare providers. A key part of his role is to establish partnerships with healthcare providers globally to improve outcomes, expand access to care, deliver the care in the most cost efficient way and enable precision care. The role of the partnerships team si to bring all parts of GE HealthCare and industry partners together to create a world where healthcare has no limits.

Before Joining GE HealthCare Imran spent 13 years at Covidien and then Medtronic creating value based healthcare partnerships in senior EMEA positions.

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