Janti Masani

Founder & CEO

CXO Impact LLP

Janti is a seasoned global leader with 30 years of experience covering sales, marketing, and strategic account management. His leadership background includes deep knowledge of global markets and cultures within the healthcare business in IVD & Med Tech with Abbott Medical, Abbott Diagnostics, and Roche Diagnostics.

He has worked in global and international roles in marketing in both start-up organizations and large corporations. He has over 10 years of extensive practitioner experience in building Strategic Account Management programs globally in multiple business areas. His career has seen him act as a trusted advisor to the c-suite with top clients in private and public sectors, delivering large profitable commercial deals and co-creation value.

As Founder & CEO of management consulting firm CXO IMPACT LLP, and Principal Partner of The Summit Group, Janti is a trusted advisor to CXO’s and business leaders globally and delivers coaching and facilitation on Strategic Account Management and sales leadership with a strong focus on developing and delivering relevance and value.

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