Marc Saillon


Almage Alzheimer Centers

Marc Saillon was Groupe Almage’s MD for 20 years. Almage was a pioneering nursing home operator dedicated to dementia care since the late 80’s. The two founders of Almage are, respectively geronto-psychiatrist and neuropsychologist. Almage has developed its own care method for dementia patients, a non-drug-based approach, built on the scientific principles of cognitive behavioural therapies, applied to dementia care for older adults. The focus has been on Alzheimer’s disease and similar neurodegenerative diseases.

Recently Almage joined forces with a large European operator and has developed new services. One of them aims at deploying Almage’s dementia care method and managerial approach has been via consulting and training services, to nursing homes, home care and other senior care services providers or operators, in Europe and elsewhere in the world, such as China. The idea is to help them better service the increasing level of dependency, predominantly due to cognitive impairment and decline, increasing with age.

Marc’s role is to further grow our network of dementia care dedicated facilities in Europe, grow the consulting and training business worldwide, and develop and grow their new concept of prevention focused co-living facilities in rural areas.

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