Mirko Puccio

Founder and CEO

Primo Caredent Group

Mirko Puccio is the founder and CEO of Primo Caredent Group, a leading private dental and medical services provider in Italy with over 160 dental and multi-specialty healthcare centres with over 2000 employees. Under Mirko Puccio’s leadership, PCG has undergone significant expansion through the strategic acquisition of Caredent, Oasimedica and Etica Dentale. Primo Caredent Group is comprised of three brands: Caredent, Centri Dentistici Primo and Centri Medici Primo, a network of 23 multi-specialty outpatient clinics representing a key direction for future development. To ensure operational efficiency and high-quality services, PCG owns Primolab – the largest dental laboratory of its kind in Italy. In addition to being an advocate of technological innovation in healthcare, he also prioritizes Corporate Social Responsibility through enhancing the quality of health services, breaking down social barriers, and nurturing the growth and development of emerging talents in Italy.

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