Rens Schoenmakers



Rens joined FYEO a little over 5 years ago, which was a one location clinic in The Netherlands at the time. Today FYEO is still focused on The Netherlands but has opened another 10 clinics across the country becoming the clear market leader. FYEO is a pure refractive clinic, offering treatments for its clients to live their lifes without glasses. All treatments offered are a 100% self-paid, no insured treatments are offered.

Rens has a background in Business Administration and has worked in the Healthcare Industry ever since his graduation. As a CEO he has worked for a range of healthcare companies, varying from startups to medium-sized companies as well as corporates throughout Europe, North-America and Asia. As Rens has been working primarily at Private Equity financed companies, Buy-and-Build strategies have always been at the core of his role.

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