Organisations are increasingly bringing their top management team to the HBI conference, here's why.

No other setting offers stakeholders a more conducive environment for alignment, learning, and networking.

Stakeholder Alignment and Networking

Healthcare CEOs and top management teams must forge connections with key partners for future resilience, differentiation, and growth. Success relies on these stakeholders working collaboratively with shared knowledge and a unified vision for success.

Facilitate learning and foster a collective vision through group participation at HBI 2024.

Buy more, save more

As a benefit, book a delegation team of three or more and enjoy an automatic 10% discount on all your tickets with our Delegation Discount.

Maximise networking opportunities, foster business growth, and expand your partner networks at HBI 2024!

Here's why delegates bring their teams

Efficiently cover more ground

Allocate your team to cover more sessions suited to each member's expertise.

Meet as a team with experts

Engage in discussions about your challenges and validate your strategies.

Meet vendors and solution providers

Compare solutions for all stakeholders across your business.

Real-time sense making

Encourage colleagues to share and align for a more profound learning experience.

Drive collective change

Utilise shared takeaways to solidify findings and establish a group for change.

Secure investment

Forge relationships with investors and healthcare companies to secure funding for growth.