Steve Bird


Medical Imaging Partnership

Steve Bird is the CEO for Medical Imaging Partnership (MIP) and Prime Health Diagnostics, associated company brands that are a part of the Apposite Capital healthcare investment portfolio. Prior to taking up the post of CEO in January of this year, Steve previously held the position of Executive Chairman for the group. The company is strategically placed within both the public and private diagnostic imaging sectors, providing multi-modality services in support of NHS partners across multiple geographies, as well as operating stand alone private diagnostic clinic facilities and providing imaging services to key private hospitals.

Previously, Steve was the CEO of Cancer Partners UK (CPUK), a ’start up’ cancer clinic company with founding and growth investment backing from Apposite Capital. Centred around high quality radiotherapy treatment provision, along with chemotherapy and holistic patient centred pathways, CPUK utilised the latest treatment technologies and techniques available. With a reputation for fast patient access to the very best of treatment provision, the company rapidly expanded over a short time period.

Prior to his involvement in supporting new and innovative healthcare delivery solutions, Steve managed 4 private hospitals over a number of years for both Bupa and BMI Healthcare.

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