HBI 2023

Vasilis Sakkas

GM Partnerships and Solutions, EMEA

GE HealthCare

GE HealthCare’s Partnerships and Solutions design & deliver integrated and comprehensive solutions enabling precision care. This includes sustainable facility design, financing, digital platforms interoperability, workflow & clinical decision support systems and change management advisory.  We adopt a care pathway approach that is focused on the patient and the needs of clinicians.

Vasilis started his career in GE HealthCare in 1999. During his career within GE he has also held a number of leadership positions in GE Aviation and GE Capital, which included assignments in Hungary, France, the UK and the US. He has more than 25 years of healthcare leadership experience across the industry, from medical technology and services to providers, payers, clinical research, patient engagement and digital health

During his career within GE HealthCare, Vasilis has served in several leadership positions and executive roles since 2009 across multiple regions and product segments. Prior to his current role, he led Enterprise Solutions Europe where he positioned GE HealthCare as a strong partner for healthcare services operators. Before that, he held the positions of General Manager for Central Eastern Europe and General Manager for South Europe regions.

Vasilis is a Six Sigma certified Black Belt and a board member of COCIR in Europe. He also holds a Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, MSc in  Bioengineering from Strathclyde University, UK,  and MSc in Applied Economics & Finance from Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece.

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