Victor Savevski

Managing Director Innovation & AI

Humanitas Healthcare

Victor Savevski is Chief Innovation Officer and AI Center Director at Humanitas. He is also Adjunct Professor at Humanitas University in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health Systems in Medicine.

As Chief Digital Officer in Humanitas, he has launched over 50 digital health products, health media platforms, websites, apps and digital therapeutics. Currently being used by over 90 millions users. Starting up and managing a large team of developers, web managers, marketers and project managers to digitalize and grow the digital presence of the hospitals, university and research centers.

Now leading the Humanitas AI Center, focused on research and development on Clinical Applications based on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Collaborations on numerous A.I projects developed with our team of data scientist, doctors and radiologists together with international institutions. Developing and scaling existing and patient facing digital health products.

Victor is also a contributor for Wired and holds a Medical Engineering degree, a Master of Health Management from SDA Bocconi and a Digital Strategy from Harvard University.

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