Banish fear, uncertainty and doubt

Discover how HBI 2023 conference can empower healthcare operators and investors to overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the industry. Gain insights, network with peers, explore cost-cutting solutions, spot emerging opportunities, and navigate M&A landscapes. Join us to dispel FUD and unlock the future of healthcare services.

There is a lot to worry about if you are a health care operator today. Inflation, workforce, interest rates, payors reactions – all are worrying. And, yes, there has been a deal drought in the first half of 2024. But the long-term opportunities for the sector are extraordinary. So banish FUD and join us at HBI 2023

It is easy to get a little paralysed in today’s environment. Get clarity and banish FUD at HBI 2023.

M&A has tailed off as buyers and sellers argue about valuations. One adviser told us that investment banking fees for healthcare in the first half fell over 50%. That makes valuations harder, which leads to a lack of confidence in investing further. 

And workforce issues can look intractable. What actions can you take to alleviate such massive shortages? 

Finally, there is deep concern of cutbacks as payors whether private medical insurers or state payors pull back. I recently talked to a UK player in venous operations include varicose veins. He has seen a complete pull out by the NHS, with private medical insurers following suit and cutting back to paying for a single treatment. Hospital tariffs are being widely squeezed, just look at what has been reported in Denmark, and at the stagnation in Italy

But there are huge opportunities. Many payors are more receptive than ever to innovative lower cost models. Self-pay is set to soar in many countries including some surprises – look at the uptick in healthcare insurance in the Nordics, for instance. 

The best place to banish FUD is at HBI 2023, June 19-21, London. This really is the best place to get a grip on where valuations are moving and to explore outpatient models across many sub-sectors. We even have sessions on how to cut costs and on workforce solutions – practical real examples from others who face your issues. As for opportunities – just look at our session on the Middle East!

I hope you will join us at HBI 2023, June 19-21. To book your ticket click here. To see the full agenda click here

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