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Primary Care - How digital is the future?

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Gaining genuine strategic insights into the healthcare industry is vital to your position. This is precisely why attending the HBI 2023 conference in London on June 19-21, is so indispensable in driving strategic vision. The HBI conference is the only event that convenes innovative healthcare service CEOs from around the world.

At this year’s HBI conference primary care is just one of the forty sessions offered. Considering that this market is valued at over $150 billion in EMEA alone, we’re seeing an expanding involvement of the for-profit healthcare sector in primary care. They are providing digital services, managing the complete primary care practice systems, and offering private alternatives.

Prepare for the future of healthcare

Join hundreds of health care services CEOs, investors, suppliers and advisors at HBI 2023 and hear from 40 sessions covering every aspect of health care services and position your organisation’s future direction.

With the digital strategy being an imperative item on a lot of health care leadership board’s agenda, many are sending their CXO team so they can share insights and contacts and plan strategically as a team.

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Our Primary Care Panel

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    Session Information

    Wednesday June 21, 2023

    2:30 pmSector Analysis

    The evolution in Primary Care

    The huge primary care sector in Europe holds the key to outpatient consolidation. Here we look at how operators are pairing it with digital and telehealth, pharmacies and imaging, and at how they are reimagining its delivery and business models.

    Speakers include:

    Dr Murray Ellender, CEO and Co-Founder, eConsult Health
    Lyndsey Reeves, Director of Operations UK, Kry/Livi
    Dirk Knueppel, CEO, Primärmedizin TMVZ GmbH
    Martin Lindman, CEO, Doktor.Se
    Moderated by Martin Debenito-Gellner, Senior Analyst, HBI

    Dr Murray Ellender
    Dr Murray EllenderCEO and Co FoundereConsult Health Ltd
    Lyndsey Reeves
    Lyndsey ReevesDirector of Operations UKKry/Livi
    Dirk Knueppel
    Dirk KnueppelCEOPrimärmedizin TMVZ GmbH
    Martin Lindman
    Martin LindmanCEO Doktor SE
    Martin Debenito Gellner
    Martin Debenito GellnerSenior AnalystHealthcare Business International

    Whittle - 3rd Floor

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