How do I best grow my health care business in 2023?

Discover the key strategies for growing your health care business in 2023. Join HBI 2023, where industry operators and investors come together to focus on organic growth and cost-cutting techniques. Learn from seasoned executives, explore subscription models and AI integration, and enhance your partnering skills.

Now is a good time to focus on your core business.  Ignore turbulent financial markets and just build better. If that describes your strategy then you really should join HBI 2023, June 19-21

Only HBI brings together hundreds of operators and investors in health care from across EMEA and beyond. This year there is a real focus on organic growth in all our sector sessions. Cutting costs is often a good start to growth – so join a panel of seasoned executives on just how to do that. Labour is usually 70%+ of health care operator costs. That is why we have dedicated a session to the subject

An excellent way to grow is to copy with pride. HBI is a great place to find out how others are building repeat business with subscriptions, deploying AI to control workflow and improve productivity

Partnering is also an essential skill today. That is why HBI offers a partnering workshop, casestudies and sessions on partnering strategies

Book now – Save 16% (£395) and network with hundreds of professionals in health care services.

I hope you will join us at HBI 2023, June 19-21. To book your ticket click here. To see the full agenda click here

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