Interview: Audrey Tsang, Co-CEO, Clue

Women’s health offers a huge opportunity for investors, with conditions like endometriosis underserved. What business models can help support this? Audrey Tsang is co-CEO at women's health app company Clue. She talks to HBI about how she thinks the gender health gap might be closed.

Interview: Ty Greenhalgh, Healthcare Industry Principal at Medigate by Claroty

Hospitals have thousands of electronic devices - devices which increasingly are all connected to one another on one big network. The number of devices is so vast that most hospitals have very limited knowledge about what all of them are and what they are all doing at any given time. Ty Greenhalgh, healthcare industry principal for Cybersecurity firm Claroty’s Medigate platform for health care operators, explains to HBI why this is such a big problem, from both a cost management and a cybersecurity perspective, and how technology can help.

Interview: Jim Easton, CEO Practice Plus Group

Jim Easton is the CEO of Practice Plus Group, one of the UK’s major hospital operators. In June, HBI reported the group planned to offer a middle-market self-pay option – delivering elective surgeries like knee and hip replacements at around 75% of the usual price. Has the market's changing attitude to PMI shifted its focus?

Interview: Kalle Conneryd-Lungren, chief operating officer, Kry

Sweden-based telehealth firm Kry is growing fast in France. After a series of layoffs and a German exit, HBI catches up with COO Kalle Conneryd-Lungren to talk about the appeal of the French market, profitability in the Nordics, and Kry's plans in general.

Interview: Mostafa ElSayed, Automata Technologies

HBI speaks to Mostafa ElSayed, CEO of Automata Technologies, a London-based start-up offering robotic systems to lab operators. Automata’s machines are designed to automate lab processes that were previously difficult to automate, especially in genomics and microbiology. ElSayed tells us that Automata’s machines can increase throughput by up to 5x for certain types of tests and are already being used in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the US.

Interview: Howard Podolsky, Group CEO, Cambridge Medical

Last week, Amanat Holdings announced the return of Howard Podolsky to Cambridge Medical Rehabilitation Center. HBI caught up with the ‘new’ group CEO to hear about current challenges and opportunities in the Middle East and what is different this time around.

Interview: Jim Kean, CEO, Molecular You

HBI speaks to Jim Kean, CEO of Molecular You, a North American start-up that does tests which analyse patients' proteins and metabolites (small molecules produced during metabolism) to predict what diseases they are at risk of having. Kean tells us that through the use of hundreds of biomarkers and with the help of AI, they are able to achieve a 98% predictive accuracy for certain conditions.

Interview: Michal Tzuchman Katz, CEO and founder of Kahun

The possibilities of AI in medicine are seemingly boundless, with many talking about its labour saving potential. Yet concerns persist, particularly with Chat GPT, and its black box LLM (large language model) system which is designed to mimic conversation but is not always factually accurate nor able to spot signs of acuity. By their nature, black box systems also cannot explain the conclusions they reach.

Interview: Walter Shekman, CEO, Dobrobut

Against the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war, HBI speaks to the CEO of the Ukrainian hospital group Dobrobut, Walter Shekman, to understand the day-to-day challenges it is facing, and how the private sector can assist the sector.

Interview: Simon Bain, CEO of Omnilndex

How can patients, providers and researchers create records which are usable by patients, aid research, but also protect patient anonymity and protect from cyberattacks? HBI speaks to Simon Bain, CEO at data platform Omnilndex, to find out more.

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