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FREE BLOG The Saudi dichotomy: opportunity or risk?

When you talk to anyone about the MENA healthcare market, it’s very hard to steer the conversation away from Saudi Arabia. It’s awash with potential – but is the Khashoggi case having the cooling effect some in the region feared?

FREE BLOG Graph of the week: predicting private equity exits

This week we gather the timelines of recent PE investments into one graph. From here, you can see where PE has recently exited and when it might do so in the future. Please go full screen to interact with the timeline. We’ve included all healthcare companies that have revenues around and above €300m across Europe […]

FREE BLOG Will wellness genetics disrupt healthcare?

Swab your saliva, or extract some blood, and send it off in the post. In a few weeks, you can have a report suggesting what exercises you should do, how much coffee to drink, and your risk of developing metastatic breast cancer. There's a new wave of lifestyle/wellness/preventative health tests being sold B2B and B2C across the world. Could wellness genetics disrupt the market?

FREE BLOG Graph of the week: the 2019 telemedicine market

HBI predicts the size of the 2019 tele-primary care market this week. It will be an important year for telemedicine as we see the results of the new reimbursement scheme in France and relaxed legislation in Germany and Russia. Yet, Sweden and Switzerland look set to remain Europe's largest markets as established providers KRY and Medgate continuously provide a greater percentage of primary care.  

FREE BLOG Mapping the internationalisation of healthcare in 2018: what does it show?

We map out 2018's international expansion - and retreat - by healthcare operators in one infographic. It reveals clear trends, like; which regions are the most attractive, where sluggish growth is forcing expansion abroad and which sectors are internationalising fastest. But many big players have also cut their losses in foreign markets this year, so was it, on balance, a positive year for proponents of international diversification?

FREE BLOG Providers must reward patients for releasing their data

Patients are notoriously protective over their health data, particularly where large tech firms are involved. That's because, up to now, few have encouraged them to release this data with financial rewards. Data, we hear, is the black oil of the healthcare industry and cryptocurrency could be the carrot that patients need.

FREE BLOG Private sector can set example to the public

The private sector likes to brag about how it can introduce superior quality to emerging market health systems so it's refreshing to have this confirmed by those without an interest. Especially in a country where the price paid to private operators has been called into question.

FREE BLOG Is Google’s new healthcare guru searching for EHRs?

Google has a new man to lead its healthcare ventures, with experience in integrated care systems, electronic health records and genetics. At the same time, the US-tech giant has finally moved its UK-based healthcare data algorithm mining company over to its US HQ. Coincidence? We think not.

FREE BLOG Why Brazil is following in America’s footsteps

Donald Trump isn't the only president on the other side of the Atlantic to turn a nation's political landscape on its head. Brazil's new populist president, Jair Bolsonaro, shocked pundits the world over by bagging the presidency - and showed the world he can be as vitriolic as his US counterpart, too. But the business world likes him.

FREE BLOG Will integrated care be a happy by-product of telehealth?

Integrated care remains an enigma across most of Europe despite the best (expensive) efforts of some - the UK's NHS infamously abandoned IT system cost £10bn alone (€11.5bn) in 2013. With the increasing adoption of telehealth, could this be about to change?