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FREE BLOG PMI and out of pocket boosts for-profit oncology in UK, Romania and India

Rates of growth vary dramatically in the for-profit oncology with mature markets with large outpatient radiotherapy sectors in France and Germany being left standing by growth rates in Emerging Markets such as India according to the latest report from HBI Intelligence. Surprisingly, the UK is also growing at 10%. 

FREE BLOG Genetic or genomic: Is bigger always better?

There are two types of testing: genetic and genomic. Genome sequencing reads each one of the three billion base pairs crammed into 23 chromosomes and their inter-relationships. Genetic testing doesn't. The two lend themselves to very different markets and produce different results. What does this mean for operators and patients?

FREE BLOG Integrated care won’t work without data

Integrating care to better meet patient needs should lead to huge improvements in outcomes. Individual patients can be targeted for prevention and their needs predicted. But this approach, which could also be labelled population health management, calls for sophisticated data sets.  The English NHS is trying to implement based on spreadsheets compiled by family doctors. It should learn from Finland and the USA. Internationally, there is a massive skills vacuum that no one is filling.

FREE BLOG Is there a market for innovation in emerging markets?

Synlab Nigeria's chief medical officer told crowds at the launch of a new wellness centre in Lagos that previously "only outdated technologies were dumped in Africa". This might be true, but is there a market for expensive innovation? 

FREE BLOG Five things we learned at HIMSS 2019

HBI attended the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Helsinki this week, alongside hundreds of health tech innovators and policymakers. Here are five things we learned.

FREE BLOG Interview: Julia Khalimova, Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Specialist, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

A recent study in the Lancet showed that it was more dangerous to have access to poor quality health care than to have no access to health care. That is particularly true in Emerging Markets where quality varies dramatically. Julia Khalimova, Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Specialist at IFC, the arm of the World Bank that invests in the private sectors of emerging markets, has been studying the field for ten years and IFC has recently launched a tool to enable operators to measure and improve. We talk to her about the problem. What progress has been made? And what is the best solution?

FREE BLOG Is value health dead?

A decade ago value health was flying high. Launched by Harvard guru Michael Porter in 2006 the idea was enthusiastically espoused by Barak Obama and central to Obamacare. Then along came Trump. Meanwhile, the fiendish complexity of health care has stymied efforts. So where is it now? ICHOM 2019 in Rotterdam with 1,250 delegates was a great place to find out.

FREE BLOG Ten more things we learned at HBI 2019

Here are 10 more things that piqued our interest at HBI 2019, where sector stakeholders from payors to investors come together to grapple with the biggest and most interesting issues of the year.

FREE BLOG Can private operators beat not-for-profits on their turf?

When it comes to competition between the public sector and private operators in healthcare, the playing field is seldom even. Interestingly, however, the roles of David and Goliath in this particular matchup are often reversed depending on which country you look at, the extent to which public services are state-funded, and whether legislation is a help or a hindrance. Public and private are not, however, the only options.

FREE BLOG Things we learned at HBI 2019

This week delegates from around the world descended on London for HBI 2019 to discuss the healthcare market and its various sub-sectors. Here are the things we learnt:

FREE BLOG Where is for-profit health care heading?

The good news is it is now crystal clear what the winning business models are. The bad news is that no one has worked out how to negotiate the silos. Next week the global for-profit health care sector meets at HBI 2019 in London: What is the main theme? 

FREE BLOG Hospitals – don’t buy big for the synergies

Ramsay Generale de Sante has revealed just €20m of synergies will be gained from its Capio deal, or around 1.8% of the deal value, highlighting the lower synergies accruable in the hospital sector compared with other sectors where the synergy-to-valuation ratio can be twice as high. Ramsay Generale de Sante’s second, successful offer for the […]

FREE BLOG Digital health not yet up to global workforce challenge

The world is facing a global healthcare workforce crisis. Technology is often cited as the universal panacea to this shortfall - but digital health companies are a long way away from being able to provide a solution - even if legislation allowed them to and the public was ready to fully embrace it.

FREE BLOG Can domiciliary care ever be sufficient for people with complex needs?

People with complex mental health care needs require robust staffing and regulatory practices from domiciliary care providers. The UK is falling painfully short of such standards, with the BBC reporting an increase in serious injuries of 300% in the last eight years for residents with complex needs being cared for in the community. Such a rise is shocking and begs the question: If the UK can't manage it, can domiciliary care anywhere really meet the needs of such residents, and at what point do we decide when a patient should move to community care?

FREE BLOG Is Acute’s little brother Rehab coming of age?

HBI has just finished a deep dive into the rehabilitation sector. This small, fragmented, poor relative of acute care is often ignored by operators. A perception of low margins and a reluctance among acute hospitals to refer on to rehab cannot be helping. But things are changing, and new markets are opening up.

FREE BLOG Arab Health: All bark and no bite?

Once a year, over 80,000 healthcare operators, providers and experts gather at Dubai's World Trade Centre for four days of Arab Health. According to suppliers, it's the event at which payors and providers begin to think about what they might like to purchase and where they might consider expanding.

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