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FREE BLOG Don’t be an Emma

The future for office workers is ugly: hunch-backed, sallow-skinned, with swollen sinuses, puffy eyes and varicose veins. The results, researchers say, of sitting down for eight hours a day. Yet we're only just seeing the emergence of occupational healthcare designed to prevent poor health in the service economy. Is this a huge gap in the market?

FREE BLOG Why is a pension fund investing in high risk digital health?

Some big news in the digital healthcare space this week. Europe's largest telehealth player KRY has raised €140m in a Series C round led by a Canadian pension fund. But hang on: institutional investors have always favoured a safe bet and regular dividends. So why are they suddenly investing in disruptors?

FREE BLOG After Christmas come the New Year sales

Christmas is fast approaching, and hot on its heels, the New Year sales. Here at HBI, we like a high street deal as much as the next man, but it’s what’s in the healthcare services pipeline in 2020 that’s caught our eye today.

FREE BLOG Healthcare REIT interest ever stronger and unswayed by operator woes

Long leases and attractive yields are the cornerstones of healthcare real-estate which have greased the wheels of investments over the last 10-15 years. More healthcare-specialised funds are emerging now as laws open markets up to foreign capital and fund managers look to decrease investor risk.

FREE BLOG Agency models look easy to disintermediate

How would you describe a for-profit healthcare group which basically takes people away from jobs in the public sector and then hires them back to the same employers in exchange for a fat fee?  How about parasitic?

FREE BLOG Go forth and multiply. Cautiously.

There are multiple ways to value a company. Savvy sellers know this, and will pick the one(s) that paint their asset in the best light, ably assisted and abetted (though not in the criminal sense, of course) by a bevvy of banks beavering away to beautify their business and create a competitive process.

FREE BLOG Are you scared of Google yet?

Google is in the middle of a healthcare data grab. Details of its project to handle the data of 50m Americans through hospital group and insurer Ascension were revealed this week, just a couple of weeks after it announced the $2.1bn acquisition of Fitbit - a deal that is essentially also about data. The tech giant is just about reaching a point where its datasets are comprehensive enough to inflict real damage on the service sector.

FREE BLOG New HBI pipeline tool reveals long-held investments 

Nearly a third of all private equity-owned health care businesses in Europe have been held for at least five years, according to the new HBI Deals Pipeline tool. That suggests many private equity houses are struggling to sell on their investments.

FREE BLOG Can one person change a healthcare system?

This week the market is reacting to the news that Unilabs' CEO Jos Lamers is transitioning away from a full-time role. The managed succession, where senior management will still report to Lamers for long-term strategy purposes, means it will retain a familiar face in a figurehead position. Why is this important? Can one person ever mean so much?

FREE BLOG Why “digital” shouldn’t replace the human touch

Digital enthusiasts are right to be optimistic, but tech solutions are not a panacea. In the Nordics, countries are refining big data and laying the foundations for large-scale preventive healthcare. In France, online companies are tentatively eliminating healthcare silos and in the UK, apps and Skype calls are filling the gap in provision for mental health services. But the hype for digital solutions can lead providers astray.

FREE BLOG Europe’s €18bn fragmented private imaging sector ripe for change

What has emerged during our research for HBI Intelligence's imaging report, now live on our site, is how fragmented the sector is compared to other services. It will be utterly revolutionised by regulatory and tariff changes, AI/teleradiology and changing service-supplier dynamics; it's just no one is sure exactly how.

FREE BLOG Insurers – the quiet revolution

On the face of it little has changed in health care insurance. An antagonistic game continues to play out between insurers and providers with the former disputing prices and the latter grumbling about tariff cuts. Value health has yet to deliver. Insurers are sceptical of its complexity and providers who seek to demonstrate quality tell us that insurers are not interested in paying extra or even recognising them. Consumers continue to have no clear idea of quality.  

FREE BLOG The moral quandary of NHS Trusts going abroad

This week, we heard that a well-known UK NHS Trust is pulling out of Abu Dhabi, UAE, highlighting that exporting healthcare abroad is not for the faint-hearted. Successful or not, HBI thinks that public healthcare operators embarking on such ventures face a moral quandary.

FREE BLOG The bumpy road to cheaper insurance in Brazil

Brazilian health insurance will inevitably get cheaper - it has to. Providers are already feeling the pressure to get their act together and improve service efficiencies, but how will this happen without the entire sector moving toward DRGs?

FREE BLOG Can digital health’s new unicorns live up to their valuations?

When a start-up gets valued, it's not so much about what the company is worth today but more about how it is expected to perform over the next few years. High fundraising rounds come with big expectations from investors - will Europe's digital health companies be able to deliver?

FREE BLOG For-profit healthcare, a necessary evil in NHS systems?

In a lot of Western European countries, especially where there is a national health service funded by taxation, for-profit healthcare providers are seen at best as a necessary evil by government. Or at least, that is what they would have you believe.

FREE BLOG Finnish elderly care: under pressure and underfunded?

Finnish elderly care has been making headlines for the wrong reasons recently. Investors were left unimpressed by Attendo's Q2 results last Friday (July 19) which showed it making a loss. Its share price has almost halved since January. But it is not just Attendo feeling the heat - these are troubling times for other large operators in the Finnish elderly care market.  The CEO of Esperi Care, Finland's second wealthiest woman Marja Aarnio-Isohanni, resigned earlier this year after the country's healthcare watchdog temporarily shut down one of its facilities. Why are providers struggling in a market in desperate need of capacity?

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