FREE BLOG A sneak peak at HBI’s healthcare Premier League table

This week sees the launch of the HBI Health Care Services Top 100 – an annual listing of the top groups in HBI’s uniquely researched database, in order of their EMEA revenue, and a 3,000 word report delving deep into that data. Many of its findings may surprise you - and we know some of you will be looking at our Premier League football style table to see where your group charts and how you compare to your peers, and predicting promotions (and relegations) next 'season'.

FREE BLOG Nursing homes: Enter domiciliary care at your peril!

The opportunity for nursing home groups to move into domiciliary care looks obvious, and it is a sector many of the largest groups have entered, but is it always the right move? Domiciliary care (homecare) comes with a high level of inherent business and reputational risk, and there is a strong argument for saying it's more trouble than it is worth, particularly for smaller groups.

FREE BLOG Does patient choice improve healthcare?

Consumer choice, one of the two major bedrocks of modern free-market capitalism (the other being free enterprise), is considered essential in most sectors of the economy: without it there is little incentive for suppliers to make improvements and compete with each other in either quality or cost effectiveness and no scope for consumers to select products and services that best suit their own specific desires and needs. 

FREE BLOG The rise of the three year exit window

Many people thought that the pandemic would delay private equity exit windows by at least another year, pushing some cycles out as far as six years. But with groups like Almaviva and Lifebrain - bolstered by the pandemic and protected by governments - we're suddenly seeing a lot more investors sell out at three.

FREE BLOG No jab, no job: Essential patient protection, or staffing disaster?

The UK government's consultation on mandatory vaccination for social care staff has finally reported that a “no jab, no job” policy will soon be in place. Is this a necessary step to restore confidence in a sector badly damaged by Covid or a major risk to staffing in a sector that has always struggled with recruitment and retention?

FREE BLOG Occupational health is a gateway acquisition

Health and safety, absence management, employee surveys .. at first glance occupational healthcare is an unimportant line of business. That is until an acquisition can add hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of new patients to a healthcare operator's books.

FREE BLOG The future is not just telehealth

Babylon Health's SPAC merger story shows how many of the large providers are no longer providing just software for online consultation tools. The most successful in the sector are no longer looking just to telehealth but to population health management, better workflows and triage, and well beyond.

FREE BLOG The maths behind the sector

Getting a clear picture of profitability and perhaps more importantly what level of profits is really attainable is a fascinating exercise in health care services.

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