FREE BLOG Covid conquered? What next for nursing homes

Nursing homes were in a dark place in 2020. One operator candidly told us earlier this week that they were seen as "places where you went to die". At the time, the reputational damage and the knock to occupancy looked substantial. But now we hear - across Europe - that care homes are not just as safe as houses. They are safer. As for Covid, people, apparently, have short memories.

FREE BLOG Life Science and Labs are hot

Life sciences property is hot, hot, hot. Just announced is a deal which saw Nordic property group Niam sell Thermo-Fisher’s Finnish offices and labs to Intermediate Capital Group. Meanwhile Life Science REIT (the first publicly quoted trust in Europe dedicated to the sector, which floated in London in October) has already closed five deals. Elsewhere Icade has snapped up five Portuguese hospitals. And we are told that 2022 will be the year the big European property REITs target UK nursing homes and hospitals.

FREE BLOG 2022: Reason for optimism

In many ways, 2021 appears at first glance to have been a false dawn. Far from being put to the sword by vaccines, Covid is still very much with us and still the topic on everyone’s lips, and rightly so. And yet there remain reasons for optimism in the market.

FREE BLOG Where next for telehealth?

Two weeks ago we wrote about how the opportunities for large companies and investors to turn a profit in primary care are limited, and that this explains why there aren’t many large for-profit primary care groups. But there is one part of the primary care sector where this is not true at all: the telehealth sector.

FREE BLOG Being a super courier helps you get ahead in healthcare

With the sale of Unilabs hitting the headlines this week, and Synlab having listed back in May this year, labs would be very much in the spotlight even if Covid was no longer a threat. When you look at who has just bought Unilabs and why it says it made the purchase - and consider the man at the helm of Synlab, an interesting coincidence appears

FREE BLOG The changing face of primary care

Primary care is regarded in most countries as an essential pillar of a functioning healthcare system, yet many governments have tended to stay out of its provision. Whilst in most European countries it is primarily funded by the public sector or statutory insurance, very few countries have any primary care that is actually delivered by the public sector.

FREE BLOG Adult care: New report shows huge potential

At over €5bn a year, adult care is a huge market for the for-profit sector in the UK/Ireland and much of the Nordic region. But is it possible to build Pan-European businesses in the sector?  It is the latest sector covered by HBI Intelligence which now provides sector/country coverage across 20 sectors with 330 national entries.

FREE BLOG What’s the growth story for labs?

The Unilabs sales process is well underway, in what will likely be the biggest deal in healthcare services since EQT unexpectedly snapped up Cerba earlier this year. Virtually all of Europe's big private labs have traded this year - so what's the wider growth story?

FREE BLOG When big valuations rest on a government’s whim

Midway through October Ping An Good Doctor had a market cap of US$6.8bn. That is until the Chinese government released a 2,000 circular on the 'regulation' of online doctors and shares tumbled 40%. Telehealth is by many accounts booming but some very large valuations are hanging on some very fine regulatory threads.

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