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Interview: Jaakko Olkkonen, Wellmo: The future of insurance – Preventative health services and wearables

Savvy insurers - big players like Generali, Germany's second largest primary insurance group, and Vitality in the UK, are moving into preventative health services – suggesting there's money to be saved here. Experts seem to agree within five years, wearable... [+]

FREE The Americans are coming… and they have algorithms

Moves are afoot in the US to confirm the legal status of wellness programmes that ask employees to disclose medical information as voluntary. That means employers are entitled to ask employees that refuse to participate in programmes, which can involve disclosing disabilities, family medical history and perhaps even genetic information, to contribute up to 30% more than their discounted colleagues, towards their insurance cover.

FREE Ambea IPO points the many to many more

Big nursing home and elderly care group Ambea plans to IPO on the NASDAQ Stockholm. Expect other big Nordic operators to follow suit. But what is their long-term future?

FREE HR: an international market and an international headache

The ability to staff a healthcare provider is perhaps the prime determinant of its success. But recruiting, retaining and training doctors, nurses and support staff has never been harder. Nurses, in particular, are slipping out of health systems like water through a sieve. And their desperate employers are resorting to desperate, perhaps even illegal, measures to staff their wards.

FREE Teaching nurses and doctors – a profit centre

The world needs to train more surgeons in the next decade than have ever lived according to Dutch serial entrepreneur Jaap Maljers. So it is perhaps not surprising that investors are starting to see training in, and of itself, as a profit centre. This is particularly true in emerging markets, especially those whose medical skills […]

FREE Why is Italy attracting large European diagnostics groups?

In the past two months, SYNLAB, Cerba, Alliance Medical and LifeBrain, four major diagnostic service providers, have strengthened their presence in Italy through the acquisitions of small laboratory/imaging networks. But what is so attractive about Italy?

FREE What now for Cerba?

The fate of French laboratory network Cerba is finally determined – as owners PAI Partners agree to sell the group to private equity firm Partners Group and pension fund PSP. So what will happen to Cerba now that it changes hands?