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FREE BLOG Is Google’s new healthcare guru searching for EHRs?

Google has a new man to lead its healthcare ventures, with experience in integrated care systems, electronic health records and genetics. At the same time, the US-tech giant has finally moved its UK-based healthcare data algorithm mining company over to its US HQ. Coincidence? We think not.

FREE BLOG Why Brazil is following in America’s footsteps

Donald Trump isn't the only president on the other side of the Atlantic to turn a nation's political landscape on its head. Brazil's new populist president, Jair Bolsonaro, shocked pundits the world over by bagging the presidency - and showed the world he can be as vitriolic as his US counterpart, too. But the business world likes him.

FREE BLOG Will integrated care be a happy by-product of telehealth?

Integrated care remains an enigma across most of Europe despite the best (expensive) efforts of some - the UK's NHS infamously abandoned IT system cost £10bn alone (€11.5bn) in 2013. With the increasing adoption of telehealth, could this be about to change?

FREE BLOG Best IT prospects are the most boring

The media (including us) have all gone nuts about AI and all manner of digital health apps. But the real tech opportunities in health care are in boring stuff. There are dozens of healthcare tech companies which have raised over $50m and yet whose revenue piddles along at $1-2m a year. The hope, of course, is […]

FREE BLOG Will Khashoggi case fallout affect the Saudi healthcare market?

The CEOs of Siemens, Uber, Japan’s biggest bank and the US Treasury secretary pulled out of a conference in Saudi Arabia which started yesterday, in light of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death. Might this dampen international appetite for taking part in crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s healthcare reform process? Turkish president Erdogan yesterday branded the killing […]

FREE BLOG Aleris – too much to handle?

Ambea has bought a really mixed bag of assets in purchasing Aleris’ care division. And Aleris extraordinary service mix and very low margins is a lesson in the need to focus. Aleris’s care division covers everything from addiction clinics and day centres through to childcare, elderly care, adult care, psychiatry and even refugee centres. Given […]

FREE BLOG Here is why there are so few international chains in health care services

There are six main reasons why there are so few truly international players, outside of dialysis. You first have to recognise that health care services are far more complex than manufacturing, and by far the most complex service industry. It, therefore, reflects local cultures and politics in a way which a car manufacturing plant simply doesn't.

FREE BLOG The “no arseholes” rule

There was an interesting discussion at a London forum on how investors and the CEOs of operators best worked together and whether physicians made good bosses. Dr Tony Romero, the CEO of London-based Cygnet Health Care, said that, when he was vetting private investors for his last investment, he decided to not necessarily go with […]

FREE BLOG The healthtech bubble

Silicon Valley cognoscenti guesstimate that around $80bn has been invested so far in 29,000 health tech companies across AI, consumer wellness and digital health. We hear that the four leading health tech companies are worth maybe $20bn, with the next 27 valued at over $10bn. That leaves a long tail of 28,969 companies. We think […]