FREE BLOG An American Sickness

When my colleague Rachel Lewis generously gifted me a copy of An American Sickness, I thought: 'Oh no, another turgid book about a turgid healthcare system.'

FREE BLOG More healthcare investors need an ESG focus

The bottom line continues to drive investment in healthcare but a few providers and investors are starting to be a bit more vocal about creating other value. Congratulations to them, even if it is a bit of marketing spiel, more should follow their lead.

FREE BLOG Big is beautiful – but brings its own problems

Size matters, at least when it comes to healthcare services groups. Quality, performance and sustainability will all improve under a well-managed, larger organisation. The benefit of strong synergies needs no explanation. But many organisations experience growing pains - and some stretch too far, only to fall back on selling non-core assets to concentrate on what made them a success in the first place.

FREE BLOG Fertility: Where politics and ethics trump science

Most civilised nations able to afford it offer some assistance to couples struggling with fertility problems, but there are usually a list of stringent criteria based on age, health, previous treatments and more. That is far from the end of the story, however. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Nowhere is this more keenly felt than with fertility.

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