FREE BLOG How to run a hospital in a warzone

For-profit hospital groups do not always enjoy the best reputation, especially in countries where an NHS system is revered and protected. Profit, not patient focused, is the accusation. But as recent events have shown, they readily put profit aside for the greater good. Just look at Ukrainian hospital group Dobrobut, and what it has been doing on the frontlines.

FREE BLOG The massive potential generative AI offers for health care

The AI Revolution in Medicine GPT-4 and Beyond is an unusual book because it is made up of conversations with Open AI, the research lab part-owned by Microsoft. So the loudest voice in the book is GPT-4. It is a voice which leaves you slack-jawed with amazement.

FREE BLOG Why won’t British PMs admit to using private healthcare?

When asked whether he used private healthcare, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was widely criticised for his evasiveness. His response “I grew up in an NHS family” was deemed defective and unsatisfactory, and after repeated calls this year from politicians and journalists to answer the “not relevant” question, he finally caved in.

FREE BLOG When needs must: politics and healthcare

Back in May, UK politician Wes Streeting made national headlines when he said patient choice was underused. Waiting lists were at a record high so this comment seems so obvious it's barely worth reporting. Of course the private sector should get involved! And yet because this was the UK, it was worth reporting, not least because Mr Streeting is the health spokesman for the centre-left opposition Labour Party.

FREE BLOG Emerging market providers make up half the Top 50

Half the top 50 listed health care service groups globally by market cap are now headquartered in emerging markets. What does that tell us about the sector internationally?  We publish the top 50 with detailed analysis in Deals and Insights.

FREE BLOG Does PE ownership improve care?

Do private equity-owned health and care providers perform better - on quality and cost efficiency - than their public, not-for-profit and doctor-owned counterparts? A new review of the scientific evidence suggests perhaps not.

FREE BLOG Cybersecurity: Four things operators must do

Cybersecurity is important for healthcare. Data and system breaches could take away patient privacy, destroy their trust in much-needed data collection, cost a bucketload of ransom money or even risk patients’ lives. So what can operators do to protect their data? Here are 4 things we’ve learned from talking to experts recently.

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