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FREE How fast will primary telehealth grow? 

After a decade of false starts, primary telehealthcare is set to rocket. Why?  After all the disappointments of the last decade it is easy to be sceptical that health care services will ever adopt new ways of working. This is particularly so in developed countries where the medical profession often fights rationalisation at every step.  

FREE Why foreign investors have not flocked to Brazil – despite deregulation

The Brazilian healthcare market opened up to foreign investment in 2015 – but has yet to see a lot of foreign investment bar a couple of large players. Why is this, what is the best model for operators, and where should they be looking? Healthcare Nova speaks to Brazil-based Marcelo do Ó, managing director at global consultants LEK.

FREE The lessons from machine learning and AI

A few weeks ago we reported on how clinic chain Fullerton in Singapore has managed to cut the costs for providing healthcare for employees in large accounts by 10-15% by deploying machine learning/AI to scan big data sets. This exercise revealed huge wastage and fraud. Fullerton also claims its program can predict medical outcomes far more accurately than falible human doctors. So who else is doing this stuff today?

FREE Fraud analytics set to reshape private healthcare

Big data analytics can now identify operational inefficiencies and potentially fraudulent claims with great accuracy. That is going to seriously affect healthcare services, because the fraud stats in medical transactions worldwide are breathtakingly large. Take Singapore. Guess what percentage of scripts written in Singapore are potentially incorrect. And what about China Go on – guess!