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FREE Genetic testing: The challenges

The promise is that genetic testing coupled to other forms of diagnostics and artificial intelligence will create 4P medicine - a new form of healthcare which is predictive, personalised, preventative, and participative.

FREE Toppy prices spell danger

A major investor recently told us that he wouldn't have done any of the recent big deals in the health care services sector in Europe.

UN report to look at private sector health care

The UN has commissioned a report to look at the role that private healthcare should play in delivery. It is likely to be favourable to more involvement in programmes which spend many billions. 

FREE The next frontier – the German outpatient sector

The outpatient sector in Europe, long fragmented into millions of providers, is the new frontier for consolidation. And no market is bigger than Germany where medical offices accounted for €51.5bn of expenditure in 2016 and statutory insurers spent €13.7bn alone on dentistry. Many investors and entrepreneurs have the sector in their sights.

FREE Trump’s wall could hit Mexican medical tourism market

What does President Trump’s Mexican wall plan mean for medical travel across the border? Some Mexican hospital groups have already reported a fall in US patients, but opinion is split on what the long-term effect will be. We talk to operators in the region to find out more. Last month Donald Trump looked at prototype […]

FREE Can “Healthcare ATMs” be the primary care panacea India needs?

Indian health insurer Max Bupa Health is launching pioneering technology based around "Healthcare ATMs" which can assess a potential customer's health, and then sell them insurance on the spot. Healthcare Nova speaks to a healthcare operator who already uses these ATMs for health assessment, one who decided not to, and a group that manufactures them - and also looks at how they can be used to sell insurance.