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FREE The lessons from machine learning and AI

A few weeks ago we reported on how clinic chain Fullerton in Singapore has managed to cut the costs for providing healthcare for employees in large accounts by 10-15% by deploying machine learning/AI to scan big data sets. This exercise revealed huge wastage and fraud. Fullerton also claims its program can predict medical outcomes far more accurately than falible human doctors. So who else is doing this stuff today?

FREE Fraud analytics set to reshape private healthcare

Big data analytics can now identify operational inefficiencies and potentially fraudulent claims with great accuracy. That is going to seriously affect healthcare services, because the fraud stats in medical transactions worldwide are breathtakingly large. Take Singapore. Guess what percentage of scripts written in Singapore are potentially incorrect. And what about China Go on – guess!

FREE The Great Escape

An increasing number of Spanish private healthcare operators are turning to Latin America to grow. Why?

FREE Creating value in health systems

Held every two years, the IFC Global Private Health Conference brings together hundreds of private and public healthcare delegates from around the world. This year, in Barcelona, the main topic of conversation was how to create value in health systems, and Healthcare Nova and Healthcare Europa were there to find out more.

FREE When’s the digital health revolution going to arrive?

There is no shortage of innovation in healthcare and much of it is digital. The app store and its equivalents are awash with health apps and wearables have well and truly taken off. But there still few established eHealth/digital health players. Why?

FREE Ten more things we learned from HBI 2017

Technical change could dramatically de-skill in the next five years Change is coming faster than you think. Computer added diagnosis of images could be 3-5 years off, rather than a decade away. Already machines can interpret many images more reliably than radiologists, according to several operators. In dentistry, new imaging techniques mean that the siting […]

FREE So what did we learn at HBI 2017?

The biggest "Aha!" from Healthcare Business International 2017 was the impact that digital patient platforms are going to have on consolidation. We got 570 delegates from over 50 countries to the event in London which makes it the largest global conference for the private health care sector, with combined operator revenue of nearly $100bn.

FREE Reinventing the lab sector

In our current environment, the Diagnostics industry is faced with increasing challenges that have an impact on how we operate (business models) and how we generate profit. Western European markets have seen caps on test volumes or decreases in reimbursement tariffs; Emerging Markets have partially enjoyed an increase in wealth but struggled in defining sustainable funding systems, many of which remain based on out-of-pocket payments.