FREE BLOG Could the PE tap be turned off?

Changing macroeconomic conditions - specifically a reduction in the availability of credit and increases in interest rates, could well impact M&A activity over the coming months.

FREE BLOG Consolidation conundrum – is it ok to own all a pathway?

Pharmacy chain CVS’ latest acquisition - home care provider Signify - has led to an outcry in certain quarters asking, given that it already owns the drugs price negotiator and a private insurance company, whether such wide reaching consolidation is good for shareholders or for patients.

FREE BLOG Wheels come off UK hiring model

The recent UK-Nepal healthcare professional recruitment agreement smacks of desperation. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, with purchasing power parity per capita GDP roughly the same as the Congo, according to the IMF. Yes, the UK is in a unique position post-Brexit and is known for its unusual and innovative health care labour agreements. But even so it is a strange move!

FREE BLOG Are UK NHS dentists facing extinction?

On July 5, 1948, Aneurin Bevan established the core principles of the UK NHS, designed to meet the needs of all, and free at the point of delivery. Dentistry has been walking its own path for some time now, however, and NHS dentistry is unequivocally in crisis.

FREE BLOG Can ESG transform capitalism – or is it just corporate guff?

ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance - is all the rage in corporate circles these days. Mention of ESG in S&P 500 quarterly earnings calls has increased almost a hundred fold since 2017. And it’s not just energy companies and other big polluters who are making attempts to incorporate it into their strategies. Since Covid, healthcare services companies are increasingly doing so as well. Many healthcare companies are choosing to focus particularly on the S part of ESG, emphasising their ability to improve access to healthcare and contribute to a healthier society.

FREE BLOG Blog: Who has the worst waiting lists?

NHS England's staggering 6.6m waiting list almost certainly had led to a 39% rise to 69,000 in patients paying to go private in the fourth quarter of 2021. What’s worse – only about two thirds of it is thanks to the pandemic. Ireland has an even worse per capita waiting list but what about other European countries?

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