FREE BLOG Are retirement villages still the future of elderly care?

Back in 2021 there was a definite sense amongst those involved in Europe’s elderly care sector that investment into retirement villages was set to explode. But in the last couple of years investment into new retirement village sites has stalled. Is this just a temporary blip, or are there more fundamental barriers preventing development in the sector? 

FREE BLOG A new HBI for a new era

Last week I wrote about the inspiration behind the conference title “New models for the new era” and how it applies to our healthcare sector. As well as serving this market, HBI is a media business too. This week I’d like to share some thoughts about our journey and place in the market. Spoiler alert: we are branching out beyond the traditional health care services beat that has been our mainstay. Read on to find out more. 

FREE BLOG New models for the new era

This week I‘ve been thinking about 'New models for the new era', the conference title for HBI 2024, which will take place in London June 10-12.

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