FREE BLOG Can an app burn fat?

The US based weight loss app, Noom, reportedly doubled its revenue to $400m between 2019-2020. Noom is aiming for an early 2022 IPO, with an anticipated valuation of $10bn. Clearly weight loss apps are big business, but do they work?

FREE BLOG Another one bites the dust

Healthcare specialist REIT Icade Sante is the latest victim of capital markets apathetic for European healthcare services. In fact, the sector has not had an overwhelmingly successful big IPO in years. 

FREE BLOG Nine things we learned at HBI 2021

Last week delegates descended on London for the first in-person HBI conference since the beginning of the pandemic. Here are a few of the things we learned.

FREE BLOG What will B2C diagnostics sector do post Covid?

The direct-to-consumer or B2C diagnostics sector began well before Covid. Over the past decade, increasing numbers of people have used at-home testing kits to screen for a variety of diseases (cancers, cardiac diseases and STIs), as well as to evaluate genetic susceptibility and find out about their ancestry.

FREE BLOG It’s all systems go for HBI 2021 in London next week!

Here at HBI HQ we've spent the last few weeks chatting to the star-sprinkled selection of high-flying panellists set to take the stage next week at HBI 2021, paving the way for our annual healthcare services conference set in the heart of London. Last year's conference was largely virtual as the world reeled from Covid. But this year, there is an overwhelming and undeniable feeling of optimism as everyone prepares to meet in person for the first time in far too long.

FREE BLOG Digital front doors show the future

Patients increasingly are looking for and want digital access to health care, so-called digital front doors. In a free-market economy, this is what would happen. Various organisations would start to offer telehealth portals for either a few euros a month or a pay-as-you-go option. Consumers would pile in, and we would then see comparison websites and consumer associations rating each on the basis of its offer. As the market grew, so we would see growing functionality.

FREE BLOG Won’t obey? We’ll take your pay

Over the last few weeks, we have heard bitter complaints from unions and operators in the UK that mandatory vaccinations will lead to an exodus of staff and make some services untenable. Their concerns may be overblown but they are right to feel aggrieved - Greece's unvaccinated healthcare staff have just lost their pay.

FREE BLOG We must make healthcare a more attractive job

We are all, unfortunately, seeing very clearly the devastating third wave of the COVID tragedy and its impact on health care systems. With cases rising as the number of health and care staff decreases, the sector is faced with an ultimatum: take urgent steps to make healthcare a more attractive job.

FREE BLOG Reasons to be cheerful

"If NMC can turn it around, anyone can". That was the cheery comment of a formerly sceptical GCC-based source watching the oft-berated group rise phoenix-like from the ashes. For those still diligently beavering away at NMC there is much to be cheerful about with the group hitting the headlines for the right reasons for the first time in a long while. Elsewhere too, HBI finds reasons to be cheerful. Have we turned a corner?

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