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Interview: Jaakko Olkkonen, Wellmo: The future of insurance – Preventative health services and wearables

Savvy insurers - big players like Generali, Germany's second largest primary insurance group, and Vitality in the UK, are moving into preventative health services – suggesting there's money to be saved here. Experts seem to agree within five years, wearable... [+]

FREE Why is Italy attracting large European diagnostics groups?

In the past two months, SYNLAB, Cerba, Alliance Medical and LifeBrain, four major diagnostic service providers, have strengthened their presence in Italy through the acquisitions of small laboratory/imaging networks. But what is so attractive about Italy?

FREE What now for Cerba?

The fate of French laboratory network Cerba is finally determined – as owners PAI Partners agree to sell the group to private equity firm Partners Group and pension fund PSP. So what will happen to Cerba now that it changes hands?

FREE The rise and rise of subscription health care

Subscription health care, where individuals or companies pay for access to a set of healthcare services, is set to explode. And it works both in Europe and Emerging Markets. Falck has over 1m subscribers to its family subscription service in Latin America with subscribers paying to get access to primary care and other services as […]

FREE Who can crack medicalised homecare?

Praxair’s merger (well, takeover) of Linde will be interesting to watch as Linde is a big medical oxygen at home business in Europe. Healthcare Europa estimate its sales at around €900m in 2015, although some of that will be the supply of oxygen to hospitals. But building a well-spread medical homecare business is not easy. […]

FREE The answers are sitting there, in plain view

Health care services is a bugger’s muddle. Siloed, corrupt, the pace of change makes the fog-bound English law courts described by Charles Dickens in his novel Bleak House look dynamic.

FREE Why do CEOs stand down?

The recent decision by Falck’s board of directors to ask CEO Allan Søgaard Larsen to stand down after 27 years in the company highlights the complexities of power relations between executives and directors.

FREE How telehealth can help in war zones

The healthcare needs of those affected by war, either based in conflict zones or refugee camps, cannot be underestimated - and nor can the difficulty faced in providing it. Access to healthcare services is often limited to sparsely equipped temporary installations, run by overworked aid workers. Doctors, equipment and drugs are all in short supply. What then is the answer?