FREE BLOG Not every NHS is created equal

As we update our hospital reports on HBI Intelligence, it becomes increasingly clear that not all NHS systems are created equal. While some systems incentivise the private sector to muck in and help out, in others, private hospitals are seen as costly alternatives to the NHS run by avaricious groups. Take the following four diverse countries:

FREE BLOG How investors can tackle emerging market workforce issues

HBI reports this week that the number of licensed UK dentists in January 2022 was down 9.2% compared to the end of 2020. The government’s solution is, unsurprisingly, to encourage dentists from emerging markets to immigrate. However, this can sometimes leave the country of origin with a brain drain – and discourage investors who might otherwise buy a hospital group in that country.

FREE BLOG HBI’s Team Predictions for 2023

Drawing inspiration from prediction lists that make the rounds this time of year like this one from our sources, we asked some of our team here at HBI to pen down some of their thoughts on what we can expect over the next 12 months and beyond. So here are our top picks for news and trends HBI expects will colour 2023 - across hospitals, labs, elderly care, fertility, dentistry, coronavirus, digitisation and more.

FREE BLOG At-home testing can help with prevention

In an ideal world you wouldn’t have to pay for preventive care measures such as at-home tests, but with increasing pressure on healthcare services and in particular a lack of funding for preventative measures, increasing numbers of people are doing exactly that.

FREE BLOG Quick departures always raise questions

When a CEO steps down, journalists raise half an eyebrow. Is this a planned departure, in the works for months, with a readymade successor ready to step out of the wings? Or does it have a whiff of a hastily scrabbled jump (with, or without a push) suggesting possible malcontent, ill will, a clash of styles, or something else?

FREE BLOG Don’t believe the hype?

Why bother with telehealth? For all the huge sums raised, the high valuations and in some cases the spectacular IPOs, it's actually quite rare for them to make any money. Or latterly, for them to hold their share prices. Teladoc doubled its revenue, and Babylon quadrupled its revenue in 2021 - yet both have seen share prices drop 90% over the last two years. What gives?

FREE BLOG Time to get heretical?

This week saw the leaking of minutes from a September meeting of senior NHS Scotland managers in which a serious suggestion was made that the founding principle of free at the point of use care for all be abandoned.

FREE BLOG Going somewhere new? Go digital

There's an air of confusion around digitalisation / telehealth. Everyone knows it is important. But as a standalone prospect, it takes time to make a profit. Babylon's stock crash, and Kry's withdrawal from Germany and continuing layoffs do little to dispel digital doom, and many patients insist on a hybrid model of care. But for healthcare companies looking to expand to pastures new, going digital can offer a cheap way to test the water.

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