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EU to investigate Henry Dunant deal

Would-be buyers of the Henry Dunant Hospital in Athens have persuaded the European Central Bank’s Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) and the European Commission’s competition authorities (DG Comp) to look at a deal which sees Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation (and therefore the state) being named the winning bidder. While not a formal recourse, the complaint constitutes […]

Healthcare insurers: what does a successful strategy look like?

Here we look at what strategies private medical insurers plan to follow over the next few years based on our attendance at UniGlobal's 10th conference in Berlin. This complements our other article - International Healthcare Insurers - It's a Hard Life - which gives a picture of where insurers really are today.

Dementia insurance policies in Europe within a year

Dementia policies which pay out for care are available in Japan and the USA and will be sold in Europe by the autumn of 2019 or earlier, says Peter Ohmenus, President and CEO of Dacadoo, the digital genetics wellness platform.

GHG looks abroad

Georgia Health Group is keen to expand into healthcare tourism. Meanwhile, its insurance arm is looking at the small and medium business market.

International healthcare insurers – it’s a hard life

What is it really like to be a big international private medical insurer? Based on interviews with (un-named) managers at several big groups, here is our take. What emerges clearly is that insurers see themselves as weak and may be surprisingly ignorant about provider networks. They still behave as little more than passive bill payers.

Axa shakes up Switzerland

Healthcare insurer Axa is shaking up the Swiss market by turning it on its head. It is offering to find consumers the cheapest statutory insurance product which all but guarantees that they get Axa’s supplementary product for free.

Korian to buy-up big Belgian portfolio

French nursing home giant Korian, the second largest nursing home group in Europe by revenue, has announced exclusive negotiations to buy what remains of Senior Assist's Belgian portfolio. We look at the deal and speak to CEO of the seller, Bart Vanderschrick.
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Insight & Interviews

Record real estate deal as Primonial invest in Median

HBI speaks exclusively to the broker behind a record real estate deal in Europe, after Medical Properties Trust (MPT) sold a 50% stake in its Median Kliniken portfolio in Germany for over €800m.

Interview: CEO, Healios, Richard Andrews

Will chatbots replace humans in the treatment of mental illness? Andrews, CEO of Healios, which provides teleconsultations for undiagnosed or treatable mental illness, thinks they will sometimes. So what services is it providing now and what does the future look like? 

Interview: Philip Buergin, CEO, Colosseum Dental UK

Healthcare Europa talks to Philip Buergin, the new CEO of Jacobs Holding-backed Colosseum Dental UK, about problems and opportunities in the UK dental market, the wider European perspective, and Colosseum's plans for the future.

Infermedica CEO on why AI specialists should prefer B2B over B2C

As doctors and nurses are an increasingly scarce and expensive resource, companies across Europe are turning to artificial intelligence to give patients a pathway into primary health. But is the best business model B2B or B2C? Healthcare Europa speaks to Piotr Orzechowski, CEO of the Poland-based AI specialists Infermedica, about why he sees the future of his business as very much the former, and his strategy for the company.

Interview: Zoe Blake, CEO, XenZone Group

The world faces an explosion in demand for mental health services, so how far can this be met by digital platforms? XenZone is the largest such platform in England. Some 40% of all young people aged 11-25 have free at point of access to its service. We talk to Zoe about the service, which employs 200 people and is profitable, about its markets and its plans for the future.

Interview: BCG’s Michael Thorwarth – growth potential in the lab sector

Last week Healthcare Europa reported that Australian lab group Sonic Healthcare had acquired German anatomical pathology practice Pathologie Trier. With the European lab market looking increasingly consolidated, Healthcare Europa speaks to Boston Consulting Group partner Dr Michael Thorwarth about where he thinks growth potential in the sector lies.

FREE BLOG Interview: Andy Jones, CEO, Ramsay Health Care UK 

Ramsay may be only the fifth largest private hospital operator in the UK but it is demonstrably the most cost-effective and has a clear-cut ambition to be the UK number one. We talk to Andy Jones about the individual market, NHS partnership, procurement and the hotelier model.

Interview: Muharrem Usta, Chairman, MLP Care

We talk to MLP Care chairman Muharrem Usta about the group's business model, growth strategy, long-term prospects and rumours about upcoming co-pay reforms. It IPOed in February on the Borsa Istanbul, which has since plummeted, dragging down MLP's share price. But the company is upbeat and recently added hospitals in Pendik and Mersin to its portfolio.

Interview: Giuseppe Recchi, CEO and Rowland Illing, CMO, Affidea

In a wide-ranging interview, we look at Affidea’s strategy and view of the market covering everything from partnerships with AI outfits, elite hospitals and payors through to the growth of private pay and the opportunities to manage entire health systems. How will the imaging services and radiotherapy group with HBI estimated sales of around €370m in 2017 grow and build over the next five years?
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HBI Presentations

Top Six Workforce Risks for Private Health Facilities: Dr. Kate Tulenko, Corvus Health – HBI 2018

A massive training market is opening up, thanks to the huge shortages the world faces of health and care staff. Kate has been analysing the sector for over decade for The World Bank and Corvus Health. Here she case-studies how countries and private operators are building capacity and increasing workforce efficiency. What are the viable business models for Europe and Emerging Markets?

How Cultural Change Delivers: Samantha Laurent, Unilabs – HBI 2018

Happy employees deliver better service, driving better returns. Here Samantha looks at how Unilabs has managed cultural change at every level in the organisation from delivery men to senior management. New models include defining service best practice working with Ritz Carlton through to the introduction of 360 degree feedback and the iceberg model of behavioural drivers.

Healthcare Real Estate: Presentation, David Batchelor, CBRE – HBI 2018

Real estate is now at the heart of most deals in health care services. Often, it is the key to premium pricing and deals won and lost. In a data-driven presentation, David looks at valuations and forecasts across Europe and Emerging Markets. He then X-rays deals made or broken by property.

Partnership for Prevention: Presentation, Jeanette Ryan, GSK – HBI 2018

Partnership for Prevention is a revolutionary preventive healthcare programme for all GSK employees and their benefits-eligible family members, regardless of role and location. It enables access, at little or no cost, to up to 40 evidence-based preventive health services, including immunisations, cancer screening, preventive exams, prenatal care and tobacco cessation, as well as treatment options for conditions such as HIV and cardiovascular disease. All services were chosen based on evidence-based medicine and recommendations from the World Health Organisation. Jeanette has been with the programme since its start which has now been rolled out to well over 100,000 employees, plus their families, in approximately 100 countries. She walks us through GSK’s rationale for a preventive healthcare programme of this scale, the dynamics required to work with partners for successful implementation and how GSK engages with employees on health and wellbeing.

Integrated Provider Models – Beauty or Beast?: Presentation, Wolf Kupatt, amedes – HBI 2018

Unusually, big diagnostic lab group amedes also runs a national network of specialist outpatient doctor practices across Germany in areas such as gynaecology, fertility, diabetes and metabolic medicine. The beauty of such vertical integration is that amedes can offer more holistic treatment and brings together specialist doctors with formidable skills sets with equally specialist diagnostics. The beast is that the model adds considerable complexity and highlights potential conflicts of interest that exist in most integrated healthcare models.
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