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Sector Report
Medicalised Homecare Sector

Updated: May 2020

Executive Summary

Impact of Covid-19 
We are in the process of analyzing the impact of Covid on the care sector and we should have updates for every country’s growth forecasts for 2020 and 2021 by end of May. There has been a strong short-term impact with costs rising and demand falling which we have already reported in news. A serious recession may further hit demand and tariffs and leave many investors breaking their bank covenants.
Methodology & definitions
Our definition of medicalised homecare is any service typically delivered in the home which includes an element of skilled medical care from a qualified nurse, technician or doctor. This contrasts with domiciliary care which is generally delivered by unskilled staff. 

You’ll see services divide themselves in the following way:
  • Nursing homecare: medically trained nurses (and sometimes doctors or other specialists) paying visits to a patient’s home to administer treatment and medication.
  • Intensive care: For patients requiring intensive rehabilitative treatment for wounds, those who are chronically ill and dependent on treatment.
  • Oxygen/apnoea homecare: To treat COPD and sleep apnoea through oxygen therapy. The gases are administered through specialised equipment delivered to a patients’ home and coupled with care from medical professionals who supervise the treatment.
  • Drug delivery at home: In the UK and, to a much lesser extent elsewhere, operators can deliver drugs to the home.
The scope of each national market is determined by the regulations and health structures within it, which varies hugely.
Payment and tender methods also vary, although there has been a general tendency towards larger contracts which has often led to lower prices. 

See the full report for a breakdown of the different suppliers, including oxygen groups, companies from a distributor background, players delivering nursing care, integrated medtech and nursing homes providing medicalised homecare.
Operators tell us these are the key drivers:
  • Medical drivers - the growth of incurable, long-term chronic conditions which require patients to have regular medicalised homecare.
  • Demographic drivers – with an ageing population comes more disease to manage.
  • The move from inpatient to outpatient - as healthcare systems try to adapt to squeezed budgets and demographic challenges, the step-down from hospitals to outpatient and homecare frees up much-needed capacity and allows for more people to be treated alongside effective cost reduction
  • There is demand from patients and some payors for suppliers who can offer a very wide range of intensive care services to patients. 
  • For-profit operators seem to be better at diagnosing respiratory conditions - as this improves it will contribute to growth in the sector.
Scope for growth & consolidation
For full details on growth & consolidation, see the report.
The three largest consolidators on the oxygen market are Linde/Praxair, Air Liquide and Vivisol, a subsidiary of SOL Group. All three of these pan-European providers have their core businesses in industrial gas provision and have gone into the supply of home oxygen services as a way to diversify activities.
Then there are national providers, many of which supply additional medicalised homecare services such as artificial home nutrition and infusion-based treatments.
The intensive and nursing care sector is also being consolidated by the large oxygen groups.
When it comes to intensive care for the chronically ill in particular, for-profit providers are sometimes waiting for payors to catch on to the value of prevention. 
In some markets, there are particular opportunities to disrupt conventional ‘analog’ provision (without a digital component to service delivery) with patient-facing digital disruptors. For example, Korian has set up Oriane, a digital platform linking patients, their families and carers. 
Opportunities for acquisitions across the sector abound as all medicalised homecare segments remain highly fragmented. In France and Spain we see promising, well-staffed start-ups appearing such as Qida, which provides nurses as well as some auxiliary services.
On the oxygen market, margins were very good historically, budgets are in the billions and margins remain around 20% EBITDA. But large countries have learned to monitor the profitability of providers.

Trends & prices
Prices for oxygen treatment vary substantially across Europe, reflecting differences in quality of care.
A general trend in this segment is the reduction of reimbursement rates across geographies. A new business model has emerged on the heels of this change, where care is provided in community day-care settings.
Another trend is for large international providers to create a one-stop-shop for payors and patients. Operators once specialising in pure oxygen therapy have diversified into sleep apnoea, infusions, wound care, ostomy care and enteral or parenteral nutrition, for instance. Some even provide domiciliary care.
Some of the key challenges in the medicalised homecare sector.
See the report for full details:
  • Siloed budgets
  • For-profit sector penetration
  • Growth limited by staff crisis
  • Payors
Sample report pages and data
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-       Identify national opportunities We assess opportunities at national level based on the regulatory environment and proposed reforms.
-       Size markets This report enables you to swiftly see market sizes and market shares
-       Save time and money This report will save you weeks researching these opaque markets and enable you to swiftly identify investment opportunities, new partners and markets.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
EMEA overview
Size of EMEA market 2018
Marketshare of major EMEA players 2018
Comparison of market sizes 2018
Comparison of market growth rates 2016-2020
Methodology & definitions
Scope for growth & consolidation
Trends & prices
Data sets
For-profit /private market size and growth rates 2016-2020
Marketshare of major players 2018
Market description and trends.
Data sets
For-profit /private market size and growth rates 2016-2020
Marketshare of major players 2018
Market description and trends.
Data sets
Marketshare of major players 2018
Market description and trends.
Data sets
For-profit /private market size and growth rates 2016-2020
Marketshare of major players 2018
Market description and trends.
Data sets
For-profit /private market size and growth rates 2016-2020
Marketshare of major players 2018
Market description and trends.
Data sets
For-profit /private market size and growth rates 2016-2020
Marketshare of major players 2018
Market description and trends.
Data sets
Marketshare of major players 2018
Market description and trends.
United Arab Emirates
Data sets
For-profit /private market size and growth rates 2016-2020
Marketshare of major players 2018
Market description and trends.
United Kingdom
Data sets
For-profit /private market size and growth rates 2016-2020
Marketshare of major players 2018
Market description and trends.

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Database of 27 Medicalised Homecare service providers

HBI has built a unique database of the Top 4,000 operators globally in health care services. As part of this, we have identified the top 27 Medicalised Homecare operators in Europe and will soon add the major players in Emerging Markets.

Profiles include revenue/sales data as well as EBITDA and other profit margins where known. They also cover private equity ownership with dates and mergers and acquisitions.

Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) Intelligence

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HBI 2020 – the only CEO-level conference to cover healthcare services globally

HBI 2020 – the only CEO-level conference to cover healthcare services globally
In 2019 this event brought together 700 delegates from over 40 countries. Over 60% are CEO level and they included 150 specialist investors in health care services. HBI 2020 includes a session on medicalised homecare models, with a facilitated discussion with three international CEOs.
Other sessions look at trends in the investment and merger and acquisition, digital health and telehealth.  
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