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A sneak peak at HBI’s healthcare Premier League table

This week sees the launch of the HBI Health Care Services Top 100 – an annual listing of the top groups in HBI’s uniquely researched database, in order of their EMEA revenue, and a 3,000 word report delving deep into that data. Many of its findings may surprise you – and we know some of you will be looking at our Premier League football style table to see where your group charts and how you compare to your peers, and predicting promotions (and relegations) next ‘season’.

The full report and data set which includes company data, 2019 and 2020 revenues and a company overview can be read by HBI Deals+Insights readers here, while HBI Intelligence members have full access to the data it was based on, and far more, click here.

The 2020 financial year is the timeframe for this report, and – because of the pandemic – it was a unique period to begin this project. It soon became clear that some surprising common threads were woven into the data for the companies which saw the greatest year-on-year growth.

What was the key to a successful healthcare services business in a pandemic year? Being international was an obvious help in weathering the storm but there were a handful of eye-catchingly lucrative sectors and standout geographies. Most of the successful businesses in our list have at least one of these in common, many have both. But the businesses outside of those two criteria? They pretty much all had one other thing in common too.

There were fewer surprises in the makeup of the top 100 perhaps. Hospitals dominate the HBI Health Care Services chart by revenue – collectively making up around half of all the money our top 100 made over the year, with elderly care, laboratory services, homecare, and outpatient each having 5-20% each of the other 50%.

But the average revenue growth figures contained in the report, by sector, make interesting reading. Low growth for elderly care and high growth for labs will come as no surprise to anyone – but the figures for dentistry and homecare may surprise you.

You can find a copy of the report and its interactive data here.

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