Interview: Volker Wendel, CEO, Sanoptis

Dr. Volker Wendel founded Sanoptis in 2018 in Switzerland. Six years later, the group has grown to more than 400 locations across six European countries. Wendel explains to us how the group is able to add value to ophthalmologists who join the network and shares which areas the group will be focusing on in the coming years.

Mid Europa to sell Romanian provider Regina Maria for over €1 billion 

Mid Europa Partners, a central and eastern Europe-focused PE investor, is selling Regina Maria, Romania’s second largest private health care provider by revenue, after almost a decade of ownership. Turkish group Acibadem is rumoured to be likely to bid, although the group would not confirm this to HBI.

UK NHS patients to get “largest expansion of patient choice in a decade”

Pilots to test offering UK NHS patients a choice of multiple providers, including private ones, for certain types of routine out-of-hospital care will begin in selected local areas in the autumn, in what the UK government is hailing as “the largest expansion of patient choice in the NHS in a decade”. The new options for patients could help reduce waiting lists and improve care, but risk being underutilised, as has been the fate of the NHS’ other choice-expanding initiatives to date.

Ireland’s nursing home bed availability declines, yet investment opportunities abound

A protest erupted last week in Nenagh, Ireland, as the Health Service Executive (HSE) and Department of Health decided to repurpose a newly constructed 50-bed community nursing home. Initially meant as a replacement for St Conlon's nursing home, the beds were redirected to ease overcrowding at University Hospital Limerick (UHL). While the HSE stated this aimed to boost bed capacity for 12 months, managed by a private operator until full staffing, residents and families expressed disappointment, anticipating a swift transition to the new nursing home.

Lauterbach’s German hospital reform set to launch

Germany’s cabinet government has approved Health Minister Karl Lauterbach’s controversial hospital reform. The draft law will now go to the Bundestag, where it is likely to pass. After several months of political wrangling, the final version is focused on moving hospital financing away from DRG-based fee-per-service payments. 

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