GenesisCare in the US files for bankruptcy

GenesisCare, the radiotherapy group with operations in the US, UK, Australia and Spain, has filed for voluntary reorganisation under chapter 11 of the US bankruptcy code and will look to sell off its US assets. HBI speaks to an advisory source to find out more.

Valencian elections hint at the resurrection of Alzira

The leftist government of Valencia has been routed in regional elections. Could this mean a restoration of the out-of-favour Alzira model of public-private partnership (PPP) hospitals? HBI speak to a consultant source to find out more.

Low key Latvia sale kicks off Orpea refocusing

Last week, French nursing home operator Orpea initiated the start of the partial sale of its €1.2bn real estate portfolio, commencing with its Latvian presence - a singular retirement home in Riva. This low key sale marks the first small step in a major three-year plan to refocus its geographies. HBI speaks to a market expert to find out more.

Changes at the top of Runwood Homes

Three members of the senior leadership team at UK nursing home operator Runwood Homes departed the firm last month. COO Lorraine McGarry-Wall, CFO Phillip Thomas, and CEO Jeremy Richardson had all been appointed as directors of the company within the last 12 months. 

Dutch competition authority gets reined in again

The Netherlands’ activist competition authority has been reined in again. The acquisition of dermatology specialist Mauritskliniek by hospital group Bergman Clinics is no longer barred, after another reversal by a judge. However, the decision is moot, as Mauritskliniek has already been bought by German cosmetic surgery provider Corius Gruppe.

UK outsourcing gets bi-partisan support

Outsourcing to the for-profit sector will become an increasing fact of life in the UK. The two major parties agree it’s necessary to reduce the record-breaking elective care waiting list. A detailed report has already been prepared and is ready for publication, yet HBI understands the long awaited Outsourcing Taskforce plan is set to be released in dribs and drabs. HBI investigates.

Fighting back against brain drain

Western Europe is becoming increasingly dependent on importing talent to address its workforce crisis, but there are signs of resistance to the brain drain. With Nigeria looking to introduce a mandatory domestic five-year service for all doctors, HBI speaks to a global workforce expert to see if this kind of pushback could have any lasting impact.

€1bn+ Luz Saúde IPO could mark return of European health care listings

Luz Saúde, Portugal’s second largest private hospital group by revenue, is set to become a listed company once again after five years of being privately held, in an IPO which could mark the return of European health care listings. The group’s insurer owner Fidelidade plans to retain a strategic majority stake.

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