Orpea strikes debt deal as CDC takes charge

After months of scandal and speculation, under-fire French elderly care group Orpea has struck a deal to restructure its debt with the help of new investors including French public sector financial institution Caisse des Dépôts (CDC).

Healios expands to meet “crisis” needs

Healios, which provides digital mental health and neurodevelopmental services for young people and children in the UK, is planning major expansion in the UK in the face of unprecedented demand.  

Valencia: Not be as hostile to private market as feared

Spanish hospital group Imed has begun building work on its new hospital in Alicante, Valencia. But is it foolish to invest further in a region so hostile to healthcare services? HBI speaks to a Spanish consultant to find out more.

UK uni hospitals unite to sell abroad

Five of the largest UK university hospitals, with a total revenue of £6.2bn, have come together to compete more effectively in the international market for hospital and medical consulting as the King’s International Consortium (KIC). But will they be able to compete with the big US academic medical centres which dominate international tertiary medicine, or with Korean and Indian players who offer lower cost and more flexible hospital management?

Saudi boom creating billion dollar opportunities

Sources at the Arab Health exhibition confirm that the ambitious Saudi 2030 project which will see the country transfer most health care service delivery to the for-profit sector is still on. What are the implications of this?

Al Borg eyes franchising and reference markets

Big Saudi lab group Al Borg plans to use franchising to grow rapidly with a consumer-led offer which includes imaging and primary care. It is also constructing two enormous reference labs in Riyad and Jeddah with the aim of seizing a market where Saudi spends billions.  The group is also still eyeing a stock market listing.

Acibadem eyes up UK opportunities

IHH-owned Turkish hospital group Acibadem has opened a contact centre in the Harley Street medical area in the UK and has an eye on market opportunities. HBI speaks to an operator and an advisor to find out more.

HCA launches one number, ambulance backed acute admission service

Hospital group HCA UK has launched a 24/7 concierge and ambulance service to ease acute admissions to its four London hospitals. It says it has seen over 100% revenue growth in the last year as a result. Is it trying to provide an alternative to the crowded NHS A&E departments across the country? HBI investigates.   

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