How fast are Europe’s PE-owned care groups growing?

Rapid expansion is taking place across many of Europe's largest PE-owned nursing home groups. We've compiled data on growth in the revenue, number of facilities and number of beds for ten of EMEA's largest PE-owned nursing home groups.

German hospital sector turmoil may ultimately benefit for-profits

For-profit hospital groups in Germany are not immune to the cost pressures which are causing many public hospitals to become insolvent. But the CEO of Germany’s fourth largest group, Ameos, tells us the restructuring of Germany’s hospital sector is necessary, and that for-profit groups may ultimately benefit by gaining greater market share.

Kry continues to build health network

Livi, the UK and French brand of Sweden-based digital health and primary care provider Kry, has extended its contract with insurer Vitality. The group’s COO explains why partnering is key to digital-first providers.

IHH scraps IPO plans for Indian lab

Pan-Asian hospital giant IHH Healthcare is aborting its plans to IPO its India-based indirect subsidiary Agilus Diagnostics - which was proposed in late summer last year - due to “commercial considerations”.

Orpea raids ramp up

While inspections at facilities belonging to French multinational elderly care operator Orpea have been commonplace within France, news of Europe-wide police raids sweeping Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland is now making headlines.

EU’s AI Act gets the greenlight from the European Commission

Despite opposition, the AI Act seems to be ploughing ahead right on schedule. This week, two key groups of lawmakers - the European Commission's civil liberties (LIBE) and internal market (IMCO) committees - gave their overwhelming support for the new law, which should come into force this summer.

The London Clinic opens rapid diagnostics clinic

The London Clinic, a large private hospital in London, is opening a new diagnostics centre just across from its main site in Harley Street, London, to deliver fast diagnostics services to patients wanting to skip NHS queues.

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