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Healthcare Business International 2022

June 20-22, 2022 | London, QEII Centre

Achieve your business development and M&A goals with our highest membership level

Meeting the right people with the right message is crucial to success. HBI Connect enables this by adding superb networking and bespoke consultancy to our HBI Intelligence membership.

Bespoke consultancy - We can help you to identify the best partners - advisers, investors or operators - for you in specific countries and sectors. That is because we know many of these people personally. We know what they are looking for, their enthusiasms and real expertise. HBI Connect comes with three hours of consultancy which can be expanded.

Networking and Strategic Insights - Our annual HBI 2020 conference is the only global CEO-level event dedicated to for-profit health care services. That includes 150+ specialist investors and the CEOs of many large operators from labs to nursing homes. It is where the global elite who are transforming the industry meet every year. HBI Connect gives you three places for your senior management team to attend this event. And we are also on hand to help you identify the essential people you need to meet for your project.

HBI Connect members also receive full access to our HBI Intelligence membership level - click here for a full overview.

HBI Connect will help you answer these questions

Who should we really be talking to about this?
Who can really help us enter market X?
Who should be on our M&A target list?
What are my prospects of successfully taking a business model to other countries?

Why buy?

Maximise your chances of success Unless you speak to all your best prospects you won't really achieve. We can help you do that. Often we can point to an entire sector or class of players you had not considered as partners.

Save time and money You can spend a fortune in time and money on consultancy with an adviser who has limited international knowledge. We can ensure you have the big picture before you spend tens of thousands. And we can point you towards the best advisers for your needs.

Avoid the deep, but limited, trap Almost invariably we find that players have a limited view of the health care services sector. They will know their own market in great detail, which may give them false confidence. But they won't know about neighbouring sectors or countries. Sometimes they are unaware of major well-capitalised players who are about to target their market. Or tech-based services which are already delivering mass scale. Our consultancy and conference ensure that you avoid the trap posed by deep, but limited, knowledge.

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Explore market reports on over 33 countries
and 23 sub-sectors

Investments at a glance Market reports at a glance

33 countries and 23 sub-sectors

Research Methodology

Four sectors, four very different impacts:

  How we think the market is growing in light of the pandemic
  How we think it would have gone had Covid not happened

1. Hospitals

2. Imaging

3. Labs

4. Teleradiology

Top 100 operators by revenue
Total Revenue
Country origin


3. Orpea



Covid impact on EMEA hospital sector's growth in 2020

  Pre-COVID 2020 growth forecast
  Post-COVID/up to date 2020 growth forecast
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The pipeline tool shows HBI's estimate of the probability of a sale for all private equity-owned assets PLUS other known deals AND the Top 20 privately held groups in Europe.

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