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Quarterly Membership Update

Q3 2023

Our ongoing commitment to our valued members is to enrich the membership experience. This is what drives us to provide our members with the most up-to-date insights and resources in the health care services industry. Here are the latest updates we’ve made to HBI Connect and HBI Intelligence memberships over the past quarter:

Here are the key highlights:

Operator Database

We have performed a thorough review and update of the companies in the Operator Database. This includes the inclusion of annual sales revenue figures for 2022, as well as numerous updates to operator overviews and contact information.

Revenue splits

Updated revenue splits for organisations with operations in multiple geographies or sub-sectors based on the latest annual sales revenue figures for 2022.

Investment Database

As part of your membership, you’ll have exclusive access to the Investment Database which provides you with information about investments within the industry and the investors behind them. Plus, we’ve added 22 new investments and details of 9 new investors to the database.

Deals Pipeline Tool redesign

Our pipeline tool has been redesigned to appear in a new dynamic table, allowing advanced searches to be made based on investment type, deal value and sub-sector.

Market Reports

The Netherlands country report has been updated. Other updates have been made for the EMEA Hospitals report, the Swedish Hospitals report, the UK Imaging report, the French Imaging report, the Italian Imaging report, and the Swiss Imaging report. Plus, we have updated many other Market Reports to include the latest news and developments specific to their respective regions and sectors.

Market ReportUpdate Type
Country / BlocSectorReport rewriteImportant update 
United KingdomImaging ServicesYesNo
FranceImaging ServicesYesNo
ItalyImaging ServicesYesNo
SwitzerlandImaging ServicesYes
United KingdomHospitalsNoYes
FranceNursing/Care Homes HealthNoYes
Czech RepublicHospitalsNoYes
PortugalCountry OverviewNoYes

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