Interview: Barry Mulholland, MBI Healthcare Technologies

Barry Mulholland is founding partner at MBI Healthcare Technologies, a UK digital health company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to find and fix data inaccuracies in hospital administration systems. He tells us how he believes AI platforms can help solve the elective care crisis.

Interview: Richard Storah, CFO, mydentist

HBI chats with mydentist CFO Richard Storah about the UK-based dental group’s history, its plans for 2023 and beyond, and how he sees the post-pandemic market.

Chris Toth, CEO, Varian, a Siemens Healthineers Company

In April last year, medical device giant Siemens Healthineers acquired Varian Medical Systems in one of the largest all cash MedTech transactions in history. HBI catches up with Varian CEO Chris Toth to find out more about the deal, and Varian’s plans for the future. 

Interview: Ryan Richards, Knight Frank

UK property consultancy and estate agency Knight Frank has released its annual report on the state of the UK’s elderly care sector. We speak to lead author, senior analyst Ryan Richards, about the sector’s recovery from Covid, the impact of the cost of living crisis and inflation, and reputational risk.

Interview: Lars Dahle, founder, Dignio

Having spent the last 10 years of his life building a multi-million revenue company, Dignio founder Lars Dahle has found the last week since he stepped down as CEO rather quiet. HBI catches up with him in reflective mood, as he chats about how he built the business up, and how he really feels about leaving his company's future in others' hands.

Interview: Paresh Patel, CEO, OCL Vision

HBI chats with Paresh Patel, the new CEO of UK-based OCL Vision and former MD of UK, Czechia and Poland-based ophthalmology platform Optegra, about his new role, and the ophthalmology market in general.

Interview: Dr. Charles Armitage, CEO and founder, Florence

Dr. Charles Armitage used to be a surgeon. Working for the NHS in various parts of the country he experienced first-hand the severe workforce issues the health sector faces. Six years ago he started a digital health company called Florence with co-founder Dan Blake to help solve the problem.

Interview: Frederic Llordachs, CEO, and Carmen Pauline Rios Benton, COO, Doctomatic

HBI catches up with co-founders Frederic Llordachs, CEO, and Carmen Pauline Rios Benton, COO, of new chronic disease monitoring group Doctomatic, a remote patient monitoring solution for chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, COPD and heart failure, which uses AI to help detect problems at an early stage.

Interview: Julien Samson, CEO, Groupe Maisons de Famille

Julien Samson, recently appointed CEO of the European care homes group Groupe Maisons de Famille, has some creative ideas on how to manage the business. In the face of industry-wide criticism and concern following hard-hitting headlines about rivals Orpea and Korian, he still believes the industry can find ways to cope with the persistent pandemic, the energy crisis and inflationary recession.

Interview: Stephanie Martlew, CEO, Psyomics

HBI speaks to Stephanie Martlew, CEO of digital mental health company Psyomics, about its Censeo platform, a digital triage tool which helps mental health professionals make better decisions.

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