Interview: Sham Sokka, Chief Operating and Technology Officer, DeepHealth

Sham Sokka is Chief Operations and Technology Officer for DeepHealth, a digital technology subsidiary of RadNet, which is the largest provider of outpatient imaging services in the US, with almost 370 centres across the country. 

Interview: Mohit Kumar, Ultrahuman

Ultrahuman is a medtech company that provides cutting-edge health-monitoring tools. It currently has four products: a smart ring, a continuous glucose monitoring wearable, a device that monitors air quality in the home and a blood-testing product. 

Interview: Dr Anish Kotecha, Director of Education, Learna

Since online medical education platform Learna was founded in 2010 it has been helping healthcare businesses empower their healthcare professionals with continuous learning in partnership the University of South Wales. Putting his passion for educating into practice for Learna since 2023 is GP and medical education expert, Dr Anish Kotecha, Director of Education.

Interview: Michelle Westfort, Chief University Officer, InStride

InStride helps employers in the healthcare sector (as well as other sectors) to upskill their employees with workforce education programmes, which it provides to them in partnership with high-quality global academic institutions.

Interview: Loick Menvielle, Director of Management in Innovative Health Research Chair, EDHEC

Digital and artificial intelligence is poised to disrupt the healthcare sector, but is Europe prioritising regulation over innovation? HBI speaks to Loick Menvielle, director of management in innovative health research chair at French business school EDHEC, about the future of healthcare in France.

Interviews: CCO and Wellbeing Director at Riverstone

Resting somewhere at the intersection between hospitality and care sits the burgeoning niche of luxury retirement villages. HBI sits down with the wellbeing director and chief commercial officer at London-based independent living facility Riverstone to learn more about this budding market.

Interview: Alberto de Rosa, President of Ribera Salud

Have public-private partnerships had their day? Who better to answer this than Alberto de Rosa, president of Spanish hospital group Ribera Salud which was forced to pivot away from PPPs to fight off political opposition, and meet the demands of a shifting Spanish healthcare environment. HBI asks him how the model, in any form, might survive.

Interview: Rebekah Cresswell, CEO, Priory

With a workforce on its knees, it is little surprise that the prospect of ‘care as a career' is becoming an increasingly difficult reality. HBI speaks to UK mental health and social care provider Priory’s CEO Rebekah Cresswell about the government’s latest reforms, and how staff retention can be improved even when times are tough.

Interview: Kelly Hudson, Chief Strategy Officer, Lilli

The opportunities afforded by advances in technology to assist with caring for the elderly are huge, but much of the focus remains on reactive tools. HBI speaks to Kelly Hudson, chief strategy officer of UK remote technology company Lilli to hear why the focus needs to be more on proactive solutions.

Interview: Paul Landau, founder and CEO of cancer patient monitoring platform Careology

With a UK private sector growing in both patient monitoring and cancer care, there is a real opportunity for providers. But what happens if you combine the two? HBI speaks to Paul Landau, founder and CEO of Careology, to find out more.

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