Four new growth avenues for healthcare providers — an interview with McKinsey

We sat down with Michael Morley, Partner at consulting firm McKinsey, at our annual conference last month, to discuss four new sources of revenue growth that healthcare providers are exploring.

Interview: Mark Stoesz, GE Healthcare

Mark Stoesz, President Enterprise Solutions and Partnerships, International, at medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions innovator GE HealthCare, is speaking at HBI 2024 in London about how healthcare providers can get the most out of their data.

The future of elderly care — an interview with James Tugendhat, CEO of HC-One

With HBI 2024 now just a couple of days away, we spoke with James Tugendhat, CEO of HC-One, about the care home provider’s digitalisation and data utilisation work, which has helped it to bolster its position post-COVID and improve quality processes and outcomes.

Moving the dial on sustainability — an interview with Ambika Jindal of ING

With HBI 2024 now under a week away, we spoke with Ambika Jindal, Group Head of Sustainability Integration & Implementation at ING, about the bank’s sustainability journey and the importance of sustainability generally in the healthcare sector.

Interview: Avinav Nigam, Co-Founder and CEO, Tern Group

Avinav Nigam and Krishna Ramkumar founded Tern Group to tackle healthcare professional shortages by harnessing the power of technology to make recruitment easier and more ethical for healthcare businesses and prospective employees alike.

Interview: Rick Goud, Zivver

Zivver is a Dutch software company that provides solutions which help healthcare organisations improve the security of their electronic communications. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, but its security tools are now being used all over the world. Rick Goud, the company’s founder, explained to us how they work.

Interview: Dr. Volker Wendel, Sanoptis

Dr. Volker Wendel founded Sanoptis in 2018 in Switzerland with Carsten Horn. Six years later, the group has grown to more than 400 locations across six European countries. The group was initially backed by PE firm Telemos Capital, who then sold it to Belgian holding company Group Bruxelles Lambert (in 2022). Wendel explains to us how the group is able to add value to ophthalmologists who join the network and shares which areas the group will be focusing on in the coming years.

Interview: Michael Schelper, Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Caresyntax

With HBI 2024 now just three weeks away, we spoke with Michael Schelper, Senior Vice President Corporate Development at Caresyntax, a company that provides a digital platform to assist with surgery, about the company’s focus on data utilisation.

Interview: Dr Tyson Welzel, Group Chief Innovation Officer, Mediclinic

With HBI 2024 now just weeks away, we spoke with Dr Tyson Welzel, Group Chief Innovation Officer at Mediclinic, about the company's focus on achieving carbon neutrality as part of its focus on innovation.

Interview: George Murgatroyd, Medtronic

George Murgatroyd is General Manager & Vice President at the Digital Technologies division of Medtronic, the world’s largest medtech company. He explains to us how the AI-assisted video platform which Medtronic launched last month can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work surgeons do.

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