Interview: Daniel Soukup, head of EUC Virtual Clinic

The Czech Republic's largest primary care and occupational healthcare provider by revenue, EUC, has been leading the charge in bringing digital health care to the country. Daniel Soukup, head of its Virtual Clinic, tells HBI that while the service has before been only for its private-pay patients, it is starting to work much closer with public insurers to bring telemedicine to more people.

Interview: Katharina Juenger, CEO, TeleClinic

For the first time in Germany publicly-insured patients can go straight to an app to have a teleconsultation without paying out of pocket. Small start-up TeleClinic is the first to launch a reimbursable service, which comes as the country's largest statutory insurer launches its own telehealth solution and KRY and Doctolib enter the market. TeleClinic CEO tells HBI it hopes to hit 100,000 consultations this year.

Interview: Mario Paterlini, CEO, Sapio Group

We talk to the CEO of pan-European industrial and health gases and homecare operator Sapio Group. It aims to grow healthcare from 50% now, to 65% of its revenue by 2022, and has been buying homecare companies across the continent to that end. 

Interview: Rodolphe Eurin, CEO, La Tour Medical Group

How do you grow 5-10% year-on-year in the flat Swiss hospital market? We talk to the CEO of La Tour Medical Group, a large for-profit hospital in Geneva. Eurin claims it is the only one to put value-based healthcare at the top of its strategy and has unique payment-for-outcomes agreements with the medtech industry.

Interview: Dr Hugo Stephenson, CEO, Induction Healthcare

The Induction Switch app is used by the majority of hospital doctors in the UK but its owner has only very recently started generating revenue a year after launching on the AIM. That's despite a userbase stretching South Africa, Australia and the USA. Its CEO, an entrepreneur who has founded no less than three health tech companies, talks to HBI about how it plans to turn free-using customers into revenue-generating customers.

Interview: Tony Veverka, CEO, Transform

HBI talks to Tony Veverka, CEO of cosmetic surgery specialist Transform Hospital Group, about his business, and the market pre-and (speculatively) post-COVID.

Interview: Cole Sirucek, co-founder, DocDoc

A Pan-Asian digital platform which uses over 500 data points to find the right specialist out of 23,000 doctors for individual patients is the basic idea behind the DocDoc platform. Why? Co-founder Sirucek reckons booking platforms and teleconsultation providers are “so irrelevant” to the patient’s problem when he/she is lost in the warring factions of providers and payors trying to maximise revenue. HBI explores.

Interview: Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, formerly the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, claims to be the largest rehabilitation hospital in the USA, and works with groups from Bulgaria to UAE. HBI talk to Kelly Cox Watkins, Vice President, Market Development and Barry Fleischer, Executive Director, Advisory Services, about how to build a successful rehabilitation service, their groups' focus on patient ability, not adapting to disability and what that means in practice, and about its advisory work.

EIT Health starts to map data sources

Most attempts at innovation in healthcare are still being built with insufficient access to the data that defines the problem. The EU's health innovation arm, EIT Health, is calling for providers to be more data transparent for the sake of policymakers and entrepreneurs. HBI speaks to its CEO and director of innovation about curating data.

Interview: Andrey Yanovsky, CEO, European Medical Center

HBI talks to the CEO of Moscow-based hospital operator European Medical Center (EMC), Andrey Yanovsky. He discusses its recent investment by a Russian billionaire, working with the state insurance fund and EMC's IPO prospects. 

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