Interview: Stephane Pichon, Your Care Consult

HBI catches up with Stephane Pichon ahead of the Investing in Health Care Property panel at HBI 2023, to discuss the dramatic changes of the past year and how this has impacted health care real estate investment, and the long term outlook for the health care sector.

Interview: David Talby, John Snow Labs

HBI speaks to David Talby, a computer scientist based in Seattle who has been working as chief technology officer at John Snow Labs, a US-based AI software company with a keen interest in natural language processing, for the past four years.

Interview: Edward Booty, CEO, reach52

HBI catches up with Edward Booty, CEO at Singapore based health platform Reach52, to find out about growth during a pandemic, the importance of primary care, and digital health solutions.

Interview: Anuschka Coovadia, CEO, Usizo Advisory

HBI talks to Anuschka Coovadia, CEO at South-Africa based advisory group Usizo Advisory, about payor-provider relationships in Africa and ongoing efforts to improve healthcare coverage.

Interview: Steven Pink, CEO, Verve Healthcare

HBI speaks to Steven Pink, CEO of London-based primary care co-op SELDOC, about a new corporate wellness spin-out called Verve Healthcare.

Interview: Jose Bailey, commercial director, CHEC

UK-based and NHS focused ophthalmology group CHEC is branching out - expanding its offering, going private in Wales, and diversifying into endoscopy with new dual purpose clinics. HBI chats with Jose Bailey, commercial director, to find out more.

Interview: Pretty Mubaiwa, Director of Corporate Affairs, Africa Resource Centre

How is it you can find Coco-Cola in remote villages in Africa, but not much needed healthcare supplies? HBI catches up with Pretty Mubaiwa, South-Africa-based director of corporate affairs at supply-chain expert advisory group the Africa Resource Center (Arc), to find out more.

Interview: Sam Gray, Apposite Capital

London-based PE group Apposite Capital is among the most active investors in health care in Europe. HBI chats with managing partner Sam Gray about the state of the market and pricing, how he sees that changing, and the investment opportunities piquing his interest at present.

Interview: Tony Veverka, Y1 Capital and Transform

UK-based Transform Hospital Group has gone through its own transformation recently. Historically a medical aesthetics, cosmetic and weight loss surgery-focused business, the group went into administration last year and was bought by a team including former CEO Tony Veverka who is reshaping it into a leaner, broader healthcare services provider. HBI catches up with him to find out more.

Interview: Simon Miller, Headspace

HBI speaks to Simon Miller, Headspace’s international partner lead, about the company’s long-term vision to create a digital mental health platform offering a personalised service across a wide continuum of care. 

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