Interview: Zeinab Ardeshir, CEO, PillSorted

Zeinab Ardeshir has worked in pharmacy for 17 years in multiple countries, but although she has generally enjoyed this experience, she found that a lot of her time was spent on mundane repetitive tasks which seemed like a waste for someone with her medical knowledge.

New women only consultancy Nuada breaking the mould in Turkey

Two pioneering women entrepreneurs are looking to break the mould in the male dominated Turkish healthcare market, with a women-only consultancy team. HBI talks to them about how they are challenging stereotypes.

Interview, Sneh Khemka, SimplyHealth

HBI speaks with Sneh Khemka, HBI 2022 panellist and CEO of UK-based cash plan group Simplyhealth, to hear why he thinks it is time for groups like his to step out of the shadows.

Interview: Stéphane Pichon, founding managing partner, Your Care Consult

HBI catches up with Stéphane Pichon, founding managing partner, Your Care Consult, and chair of the Investing in Healthcare Property session at HBI 2022 on June 21, to find out how the healthcare property market fared last year, and prospects for the future.

Interview: Katya Zubareva, Partner, L.E.K.

HBI catches up with Katya Zubareva, partner at L.E.K. Consulting, ahead of her appearance on the fertility panel at HBI 2022. In a wide-ranging conversation, she tells us that despite workforce being a consistent challenge to the healthcare services sector, there are some big opportunities.

Interview: Giuseppe Recchi, CEO, Affidea

In light of multinational diagnostic imaging provider Affidea's recent acquisition of Brust Zentrum, a Zurich-based breast cancer care provider, we speak to CEO Giuseppe Recchi about the company's vision to create a pan-European polydiagnostic outpatient platform.

Cybersecurity double interview: Trevor Dearing (Illumio) and Ed Williams (Trustwave)

The number of ransomware attacks targeting the healthcare sector is increasing exponentially. Multiple recent surveys have found that it is now one of the most targeted sectors of the economy, with as many as one in three of the world’s healthcare organisations being targeted in 2020. This poses a major threat not just to healthcare organisations' finances but also lives. We speak to two cybersecurity experts to find out what healthcare operators can do to protect themselves and their patients.

Interview: Simon Turton, Gensmile

At the height of Covid, NHS-focussed dental practices calmly told HBI that their revenues were covered by government payments, and their dental activity targets had been slashed or temporarily abandoned. It was a good time to have a strong NHS patient bias. HBI speaks to Simon Turton, CEO and co-founder of UK dental chain Gensmile and panellist at HBI 2022, to hear how the tide may be turning in favour of private funding.

Medica returned to form in 2021 thanks to elective care rebound

After a rough 2020, the UK’s largest teleradiology company, Medica, achieved strong results in 2021, with sales reaching £62m (a 68% increase from 2020 and a 33% increase from 2019), and a healthy 19.5% operating margin. We speak to CEO Stuart Quin to find out more.

Interview: Dirk Knüppel, Meine Radiologie

Imaging and radiology is hot at the moment - especially in Germany. The next five years are going to see a huge amount of consolidation according to Dirk Knüppel, CEO at EQT-backed Meine Radiologie & Blikk Holding (MRBH) and HBI 2022 panellist. HBI caught up with him to find out more about his group's plans to expand across Europe.

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