Interview: Simon Turton, Gensmile

At the height of Covid, NHS-focussed dental practices calmly told HBI that their revenues were covered by government payments, and their dental activity targets had been slashed or temporarily abandoned. It was a good time to have a strong NHS patient bias. HBI speaks to Simon Turton, CEO and co-founder of UK dental chain Gensmile and panellist at HBI 2022, to hear how the tide may be turning in favour of private funding.

Medica returned to form in 2021 thanks to elective care rebound

After a rough 2020, the UK’s largest teleradiology company, Medica, achieved strong results in 2021, with sales reaching £62m (a 68% increase from 2020 and a 33% increase from 2019), and a healthy 19.5% operating margin. We speak to CEO Stuart Quin to find out more.

Interview: Dirk Knüppel, Meine Radiologie

Imaging and radiology is hot at the moment - especially in Germany. The next five years are going to see a huge amount of consolidation according to Dirk Knüppel, CEO at EQT-backed Meine Radiologie & Blikk Holding (MRBH) and HBI 2022 panellist. HBI caught up with him to find out more about his group's plans to expand across Europe.

Interview: Andrew Cowley, Impact Healthcare REIT

Listed UK nursing home REIT Impact Healthcare achieved strong 2021 financial results. We speak to managing partner Andrew Cowley to find out about the strategy behind this success.

Interview: Simon Masters, Deputy challenge director of Future Flight at Innovate UK

The UK’s healthcare sector is on the cusp of an aviation revolution that will see the widespread introduction of advanced drones for delivering medical goods to the remotest parts of the country, and possibly new types of flying ambulances deployed. We speak to Simon Masters, deputy challenge director of Future Flight Challenge, to find out more.

Interview: Tim Clover, Rayner

HBI catches up with Tim Clover, CEO of UK-based ophthalmic medical products specialist Rayner, ahead of his appearance as a panellist at HBI 2022. He is excited about the Covid bounceback and hot new tech, but warns new regulations will impact heavily on everyone's costs.

Interview: Bernard Ross, CEO, Sky Medical Technology

Bernard Ross began his career in the pharmaceutical sector, working on licensing and taking early stage ideas through the development process. In the early noughties, a couple of bright doctors he knew in the UK gave him an idea for a medical device invention which he thought had huge potential.

Interview: Klaus Boehncke, Partner, L.E.K. 

Precisely how is digital and telehealth changing the way health care is being delivered? We catch up with LEK's digital guru Klaus Boehncke who is full of examples!

Interview: Andrew Knight, CEO, Care UK

With all the recent well publicised criticisms of care homes in France, the spotlight is very much on quality in the sector. Who better to talk to then than Andrew Knight, CEO of Care UK, which according to UK healthcare watchdog the Care Quality Commission, has 16% outstanding sites against a market average of 4%, and 89% of its sites are rated good or outstanding.

Interview: Jürgen Laartz, founder, and Alexandra Cosma, COO, EDU Malta

A five and a half year education (Batchelor + Masters) as a doctor for just €100,000? That is what is on offer from EDU Malta, a for-profit educational institute with statutes which commit it to working for the public good. It is working closely with Fresenius Helios and other German hospitals and is looking for hospital partners in other countries.  So how does it work, what are EDU’s plans and what role could this play in dealing with the massive world shortage of doctors?

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