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HBI-365 is ready for liftoff

Each week, we bring you our take on what’s happening in the world of healthcare services. This week, we’re going to allow ourselves to be a little self-indulgent. We know a global healthcare services network is a compelling prospect – because we asked what you wanted and you told us. And now we’ve built it.

In this (soon to be post, we hope) COVID world and increasingly digital age, the opportunity to connect virtually and chat with like-minded users in a community dedicated to your particular subsector will add real value to your business. From Wednesday, HBI-365 members will be able to do exactly that, sharing ideas, business models, chatting about burning topics in the forums and attending our regular online meetings to fire questions at our panels of experts.

We launch with five communities: Investing in Healthcare Services, Innovations in Hospital and Outpatient Care, Elderly Care, Labs and Diagnostics, and AI and Digital Health. If you are an existing HBI Connect member, congratulations! You already have full access and should have received an email explaining how to access the community and download our app. If not, you can call +44 207 1833779 or email us at conference@healthcarebusinessinternational.com.

But HBI-365 offers far more than the community we’ve built over the last decade. There will be exclusive written content –  and infographics leveraging our exclusive HBI Intelligence service. Our HBI-365 members also get access to our online Big Picture Seminars – both live, and post session recordings. These lively panel discussions and CEO interviews give invaluable insights and let you put questions to the experts in the hotseats. And HBI-365 membership also gives you access to the only global CEO-level conference focussed on the for-profit healthcare centre. Now in its tenth year, you can join the HBI 2020 conference in person or digitally, on December 14-16. Click here to find out more.

If the idea of easy networking in these difficult times and access to a forum for real discussion about the future of the sector and its opportunities with those who matter appeals and you haven’t yet signed up, give us a call on the number above.

If you are already an HBI-365 ticket holder and want to know more about how you access the service, or would like to tell us how you’d like the community to work for you, email our editor on david@healthcarebusinessinternational.com and someone in the editorial team will call or email you back.

We’re looking forward to some robust discussions in our HBI-365 community in the coming months, and some great online sessions like next Wednesday’s Accelerated Adoption – Big Data and AI panel discussion. Why not join us? This will be a community full of opportunities.

We would welcome your thoughts on this story. Email your views to David Farbrother or call 0207 183 3779.