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Will the property crash see Germans move East?

Very few new private hospitals have been built in central and Eastern Europe. But that might be about to change, as the government cuts hit and construction costs fall.

For years, many healthcare groups have talked of building new hospitals in Poland, Romania and Eastern Europe. But spending €40m plus, when there is no private healthcare insurance to guarantee patients, is a big step.

In fact, apart from Medicover’s Warsaw hospital (severely over budget) and extraordinarily, a new hospital built by Hygeia in Albania, we know of no major build projects, even though there is a lot of talk on the subject.

But we do hear that this may be about to change. Asklepios, Europe’s biggest hospital operator, is one of a number of large operators who may be tempted east as prices fall. If land prices crash, and the price of building falls, we may well see a spate of new hospitals.

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