HBI Awards 2018: Building a business on B2C diagnostic tests

Werlabs offers B2C tests across Scandinavia and the UK with revenue of over €5m and nearly 100,000 customers.

The platform works with the consumer ordering blood tests online, dropping the sample at a clinic or arranging for a pickup, getting the results back in 24 hours, the results can be viewed online in a patient journal and a doctor can add clinical context to this journal. Some 40% of its users sign up to annual subscriptions and the platform has an net promoter score of +70.

Full application

1. Briefly describe the organisation giving number of facilities, staff, revenue numbers
2 Countries, 200 locations, 45 staff, Revenue +5 MEUR, on way to 100,000 customers

2. Please describe the patient platform. What precisely does it enable the patient to do?

1. Order a package of blood tests and pay for it online

2. Drop-in to a clinic linked to our service or have a phlebotomist turn up at your home and/or work

3. Get your results from an NHS or Private lab, normally within 24hrs

4. A text message is received by the general public stating that some results are available within the journal. Results are given through a secure (GDPR compliant) journal: users receive within range results without a doctor intervening.

5. A doctor checks all results, including the out of range results and gives clinical context directly into the users journal

3. Please provide a link to an online demonstration of the device.

4. When was the service first launched?
Month : October
Year : 2014

5. What impact has the platform had on your business?
How many users have signed up for the service? : nearly 100,000
How many have subsequently become active users) (We would expect this to be a small percentage of the sign ups). Please define what exactly you mean by an active user. : 40% sign up for yearly subscription
Have you a net promoter score for the service from active users? If so, what is it? : 70
Has it led to any incremental increase in revenue? If so, how can you best quantify this? : NPS is hard to link to revenue

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