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Asklepios bets big on digital

Asklepios, the second-largest German for-profit hospital group, plans to spend €500m on digitisation.

Big teleradiology provider for sale as sector hots up

London-listed investment firm ICG is reportedly selling its UK-Australia teleradiology platform Everlight Radiology, while a Spanish diagnostics group recently entered the Latin American market with a small deal. The deals show two of the four cross-border teleradiology streams we have identified.

Verita pulls wraps off massive digital to retail preventative platform

Verita Health, the global preventative healthcare group aiming to reduce chronic disease and extend life expectancy, is building what it claims is the largest digital health platform in the world by buying and merging five platforms in Asia, Europe and the USA.  At the same time, Verita is moving its health offering into hotels, retail and cosmetic clinics across several continents.  We talk to CEO Julian Andriesz, who is the plenary speaker at HBI 2020, April 20-22, London.

Interview with WebMD: We have no plans to become a diagnostics tool

WebMD, the world's largest health information website, just got even larger with the acquisition of its close rival Aptus Health. HBI speaks to Jeremy Schneider, the company's group general manager, about whether the platform could ever become a healthcare provider, the acquisition and its ambitions outside of the US. 

Schoen acquires start-up behind depression monitoring app

Schoen Clinic has acquired the start-up behind one of the world's most downloaded depression treatment apps, Moodpath. HBI speaks to the co-founder of Aurora Health about how the two companies want to jointly build a European wide digital platform for mental health.

Connect Health adopts AI platform

One of Britain's largest for-profit physiotherapy providers has moved to an AI platform to improve efficiency. We look at the operator's business model and how it will be using AI.

French teleconsultation providers struggle in first year of reimbursement

Uptake of remote consultations has been slow in France's first year of reimbursement with its statutory insurer l'Assurance Maladie paying for just 60,000 appointments. HBI speaks to KRY's French subsidiary Livi, which says that complex and changing regulations have stopped the public payor market growing, but B2C remains strong.

Korian plans €100m for integrated homecare business

Korian has launched an integrated homecare platform, Oriane, which links both its domiciliary and medicalised homecare services. The group plans to reach revenues of €100m in 2023 and eventually deploy its new offer across its European markets. HBI hears from Korian's CEO and the director of its domiciliary care services.

Interview: Vasco Antunes Pereira, CEO, Lusiadas Saude

We talk to the CEO of UnitedHealth Group-owned Lusiadas Saude, Portugal’s third-largest private hospital group and the only one whose facilities have had their electronic health record technology rubber-stamped by HIMSS, the largest health IT organisation in the world. He explains what that actually means for delivering acute healthcare services.

French digital startup breaks down healthcare silos

The coordination of homecare services through a digital platform can meet demand faster and more efficiently, but only two such providers currently exist in France. One of them, libheros, received investment from international medical gases giant Air Liquide to go online two years ago. We talk to libheros founder and CEO Florence Herry about doing this in the world's most siloed healthcare system.

Home Instead plans to “raise revenue” with telemonitoring contract

Domiciliary care provider Home Instead has contracted a telemonitoring platform to provide digital services across all 200 of its UK franchises. The CEO of that platform tells us why he believes there is a compelling business case for pairing telemonitoring with domiciliary care.

Digitalising the temp recruitment market

Locum's Nest is one of several apps trying to eat the huge UK temporary healthcare staffing market. We talk to non-exec and angel investor Stephen Kelly, former CEO of the big international accountancy software firm Sage Group and former COO for efficiency for the UK government, about the market.

Finland first to provide one-stop healthcare data access

Finland has enacted GDPR-compliant legislation that will give third parties access to national Finnish healthcare data – a move yet to be made elsewhere. HBI speaks to delegates at this year’s HIMSS conference in Helsinki.

How to make telemonitoring succeed

How do you make a success of telemonitoring for patients, professionals and health systems alike? This was the key question for the expert panel at HBI2019's policy summit which included Dr Daan Dohmen, CEO of Dutch telemonitoring company FocusCura, and managing director of social welfare for the Province of Barcelona Josep Muñoz Luque.

Interview: Konstantin Mehl, Founder & CEO, Kaia Health

We talk to Konstantin Mehl, the founder of Kaia, a digital therapy app for chronic lower back pain which recently closed its Series A and is seeing 25% monthly organic growth in paying B2C users, he claims.
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