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Digital health’s big players’ valuations rocket

The heaviest hitters in Europe’s digital health market have valuations at an all-time high: Babylon is valued at $4.2bn, Kry at $2bn and Alan at €1.4bn. There remains, however, a huge disparity between the M&A and the fundraising markets, with most buyers of these start-ups opting for early-stage acquisitions. HBI gives an overview of the market. 

AXA partners with Microsoft and buys providers

AXA and Microsoft have launched an ambitious and innovative digital healthcare platform that is already live in Italy and Germany with other major European countries to follow over the next six months.

Abu Dhabi signs Israeli MoUs for population health

Abu Dhabi will work with Israel's largest payor-provider Clalit and its largest hospital Sheba Medical Centre in two separate MoUs that promise to work on population health management, genome sequencing and digital health services.

Interview: Daniel Nathrath, CEO, Ada Health

Berlin-based Ada Health will soon launch direct-to-consumer diagnostic tests, sensors and wearables to sit alongside its symptom checking services. CEO Daniel Nathrath tells HBI that it's been about two years since the product commercialised, so HBI sat down to determine where the company and its product are today.

Private players swoop on national hotlines

Outpatient group Gajda-Med has won Poland's multi-million euro contract to deliver first-contact telehealth services for the Polish NHS. It follows a recent trend of private sector companies moving to work on national hotlines, including in Sweden and Switzerland, and it is very controversial where operators already own physical clinics.

0.02% of German prescriptions are apps

HBI hears the first eight months of Germany's digital app reimbursement is viewed as "modestly positive", with statutory insurer AOK saying that it has prescribed 4,700 apps under the framework.

Doctors tire of telehealth overtreatment

GPs in the UK have said that telehealth has left practices feeling overwhelmed by patient demand, with some requesting e-consultations every single day. It's not the first market where telehealth has driven over-consumption of healthcare services.

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