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Interview: George Murgatroyd, Medtronic

George Murgatroyd is General Manager & Vice President at the Digital Technologies division of Medtronic, the world’s largest medtech company. He explains to us how the AI-assisted video platform which Medtronic launched last month can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work surgeons do.

HoloCare wins €8.9m to improve surgery with holograms 

Norwegian Medtech company HoloCare has been awarded an €8.9m grant to continue developing its cutting-edge AI-assisted technology that can turn a CT scan into a 3D image in a matter of minutes. HoloCare’s CEO, Alison Sundset, explains to us how this technology has the potential to improve surgery.

New regulations to help turn tide on health care cyberattacks

New regulatory frameworks aimed at improving cybersecurity are being introduced in both Europe and North America. This could lead to a step change in how the health care sector manages its colossal cybersecurity risks, by forcing medtech manufacturers and health care providers to make the necessary investments to improve the resilience of their tools and IT networks.

How digitalisation can add value 

Hype over ‘telehealth’ is now largely a thing of the past. But there are ways that digitalisation can radically improve health care provision, and save significant amounts of time for both clinicians and patients. And many of the largest gains don’t require state-of-the-art software or advanced AI algorithms. 

Log My Care secures £3 million funding from Mercia Ventures

Log My Care, a digital platform care management platform, has secured £3 million in funding from Mercia Ventures. This new investment boosts the company's total funding to over £7 million, and is not Mercia Ventures’ first investment in the business.

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