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Babylon CEO admits to stock market disaster

Ali Parsa, the charismatic healthcare entrepreneur who founded digital health company Babylon Health, has branded the company’s stock market performance an “unbelievable, unmitigated disaster” in an interview with the Financial Times.

Helios makes digital-only presence in Kenya and Colombia

Curalie, the digital health subsidiary of German hospital group Fresenius Helios, has launched new digital-only operations in Kenya and Colombia. Experts tell HBI this is a good way for Helios to access new markets, but likely won’t lead to a hospital boom any time soon.

Kry cuts another 10% of workforce and withdraws from Germany

Kry, the Swedish-based multinational telehealth and primary care unicorn, is laying off 10% of its 3,000-strong workforce, marking the second time it has done so this year. It is also pulling out of Germany as it tries to move faster towards profitability. Meanwhile peer Babylon has seen its value fall 20-fold.

Interview: Dr. Charles Armitage, CEO and founder, Florence

Dr. Charles Armitage used to be a surgeon. Working for the NHS in various parts of the country he experienced first-hand the severe workforce issues the health sector faces. Six years ago he started a digital health company called Florence with co-founder Dan Blake to help solve the problem.

Interview: Stephanie Martlew, CEO, Psyomics

HBI speaks to Stephanie Martlew, CEO of digital mental health company Psyomics, about its Censeo platform, a digital triage tool which helps mental health professionals make better decisions.

Swedish telehealth soars but losses mount

Swedish telehealth companies have experienced a surge in revenue since Covid. But the treble whammy of relatively low fees, expansion costs and the inflationary economic downturn have compounded losses.

Amazon to bet $12bn on health care

Amazon is among the bidders in the $8bn auction of AI/big data US player Signify Health. That comes just over a month after it bought loss-making US primary care chain One Medical for $3.9bn. The tech giant is also closing its existing telehealth arm, Amazon Care.

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