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Mediclinic shareholder invests in low-end primary care triage platform

Invenfin, the venture capital arm of Mediclinc investor Remgro, has taken a stake in a primary care provider that aims to serve the 40% of South Africans that are employed, but uninsured. National HealthCare Group says its Whatsapp triage solution can cut the cost of primary care by up to two thirds and that Remgro will now encourage roll out in its portfolio companies.

Ramsay Santé to start capitated digi-physical primary care experiment next year

Ramsay Santé speaks to HBI about its plans to become France's first capitated healthcare provider as it imports Capio's model of primary care by opening five clinics in Q1 next year. CMO Francois Demesmay tells HBI that the funding model will allow the group to better leverage digital health innovations that focus on prevention and monitoring.

Deploying new generation apps – 6 things health care operators must get right, and the 13 mistakes they often make

New tech promises to allow humans AI-driven health care conversations over text, voice, and email, leading to real dialogue and much more intelligent monitoring. Some of this stuff is here now.  Here are the six main cornerstones health care operators should know when deploying it, and the 13 big mistakes that affect health care operators when they try and do tech stuff.

Mehilainen ‘spinning off digital arm’ as Pihlajalinna deadline looms

Finnish healthcare group Mehilainen is spinning off its digital consultancy business into a separate company which would make it easier to sell off in future, a senior banker tells HBI. An analyst adds that raising cash this way makes sense considering what has happened since it offered to buy competitor Pihlajalinna.

Insurers record massive savings from deploying telehealth

Traditional hospital business models stand to be massively disrupted as payors adopt front-end telehealth. Early adopters insurers Cigna and Aetna are seeing high patient satisfaction and huge cost savings from the deployment of telehealth in EMEA and emerging markets. Cigna is starting to grade quality at operators outside of the USA, according to the latest HBI-365 panel discussion. Go to to find out more.

Ada Health building diagnostic results into its app

In the peak of Germany's pandemic, symptom-checker app Ada Health rapidly built a solution to digitally return COVID-19 test results to a lab's customers. Founder Claire Novorol tells HBI that the new capability is part of a long term strategy that will allow the company to better incorporate diagnostic data into its app.

KRY gets reimbursement in Germany as Docly all but leaves UK

Sweden's largest telehealth player KRY will be reimbursed in Germany after it received the necessary security accreditation. Meanwhile, Docly, the spin-off from Sweden's once largest player Min Doktor, has just withdrawn its healthcare services from its only international market following slow growth.

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