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Brits adopting wide range of lifestyle changes to improve health

This week we look at figures from Bupa UK which has published a new survey on the health of the UK’s population: the Bupa Wellbeing Index. 8,000 adults have been surveyed.

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Many of the findings are related to the impact of Covid on people’s health. 34% of respondents said their mental health declined and 30% said their physical health declined as a result of the pandemic, whilst only 11% said their mental health improved, and only 15% said their physical health improved.

However, the survey findings also suggests the pandemic has surprisingly positive impact in many ways. 22% of those who moved to working from home said it meant they were able to fit more exercise into their day.

Perhaps most interesting from healthcare provider perspective is the data on the actions Brits are taking to improve their health. Large sections of the population are making positive lifestyle changes. In the past year, close to a third started taking more exercise, 28% tried to improve their sleep schedules, 24% improved their work-life balance, 22% cut down on alcohol and 17% dieted. And many (17%) have experimented with apps that track well-being or fitness.

Also interesting is the data on which health issues Brits are most concerned about. Weight is the biggest worry, with 33% of respondents citing this as a major concern. Mental health comes in second place, with 24% of respondents concerned about this. And back pain or joint problems was the third biggest concern, at 23%.

The full report can be accessed here.

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