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Moving the dial on sustainability — an interview with Ambika Jindal of ING

With HBI 2024 now under a week away, we spoke with Ambika Jindal, Group Head of Sustainability Integration & Implementation at ING, about the bank’s sustainability journey and the importance of sustainability generally in the healthcare sector.

Interview: Dr. Volker Wendel, Sanoptis

Dr. Volker Wendel founded Sanoptis in 2018 in Switzerland with Carsten Horn. Six years later, the group has grown to more than 400 locations across six European countries. The group was initially backed by PE firm Telemos Capital, who then sold it to Belgian holding company Group Bruxelles Lambert (in 2022). Wendel explains to us how the group is able to add value to ophthalmologists who join the network and shares which areas the group will be focusing on in the coming years.

Interview: Michael Schelper, Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Caresyntax

With HBI 2024 now just three weeks away, we spoke with Michael Schelper, Senior Vice President Corporate Development at Caresyntax, a company that provides a digital platform to assist with surgery, about the company’s focus on data utilisation.

Interview: Dr Tyson Welzel, Group Chief Innovation Officer, Mediclinic

With HBI 2024 now just weeks away, we spoke with Dr Tyson Welzel, Group Chief Innovation Officer at Mediclinic, about the company's focus on achieving carbon neutrality as part of its focus on innovation.

Interview: Matt Williams, Group CEO & Director, Africa Healthcare Network

With HBI 2024 approaching, we spoke with Matt Williams, Group CEO & Director at Africa Healthcare Network (AHN), Sub Saharan Africa’s largest dialysis chain, about the company's pioneering work in underserved parts of the continent.

Interview: Katie Tryon, Director of Health Strategy, Vitality

With HBI 2024 fast approaching, we spoke with Katie Tryon, Director of Health Strategy at UK health insurance firm Vitality, about why sustainable healthcare is so important, and key changes and surprises the sector has faced in the last 12 months.

Interview: Sham Sokka, Chief Operating and Technology Officer, DeepHealth

Sham Sokka is Chief Operations and Technology Officer for DeepHealth, a digital technology subsidiary of RadNet, which is the largest provider of outpatient imaging services in the US, with almost 370 centres across the country. 

Interview: Mohit Kumar, Ultrahuman

Ultrahuman is a medtech company that provides cutting-edge health-monitoring tools. It currently has four products: a smart ring, a continuous glucose monitoring wearable, a device that monitors air quality in the home and a blood-testing product. 

Interview: Dr Anish Kotecha, Director of Education, Learna

Since online medical education platform Learna was founded in 2010 it has been helping healthcare businesses empower their healthcare professionals with continuous learning in partnership the University of South Wales. Putting his passion for educating into practice for Learna since 2023 is GP and medical education expert Dr Anish Kotecha, Director of Education.

Interview: Michelle Westfort, Chief University Officer, InStride

InStride helps employers in the healthcare sector (as well as other sectors) to upskill their employees with workforce education programmes, which it provides to them in partnership with high-quality global academic institutions.

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