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University hospitals face unique challenges around culture, institutional intent and partnering. Strategies for University Hospitals addresses these issues and is written for the CEOs, CFOs, strategy and transformation directors facing these challenges.

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Strategies for university hospitals
Strategies for University Hospitals Forum
June 20th 2022 | QEII Centre, London


US academic medical centres face squeeze

The 100 academic medical centres which make up the core of US healthcare delivery face a squeeze. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Mayo both notched up net losses due in part to hikes in labour costs and caps on tariffs. An AMC source said that the ...

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Keynote: The Boston Model

This half-day event is part of our new Strategies for University Hospitals content platform. This looks at the considerable management challenges that the university hospital/academic medical centers and allied research institutes face and how they can best be ...

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Keynote: Partnering with research institutes and university hospitals

The all-important relationship for all academic health clusters. How do you set long-term research objectives/ How do you best ensure that bench researchers work closely with physicians to build innovative solutions? Björn Zoega, CEO, Karolinska University ...

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Partnering with investors and start-ups

What are the barriers to partnering between university research hubs and innovative companies?  How do you best handle ownership of intellectual property generated from research and patient data? How can you set out framework agreements that are flexible and ...

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Panel Discussion: Partnering: What works and what doesn’t?

This interactive, audience participation session, investigates the important questions surrounding what works and what doesn’t when considering partnering.  What is the recipe for successful partnerships? What are the barriers to partnering between universi...

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Keynote: Partnering with other hospital groups internationally

Academic medical centers thrive on collaboration, both internal and external, and require many types of partnerships to succeed.  Tertiary hospitals cannot assume that they will be sent the complex patients they need to achieve patient care, training, and res...

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What we learnt at the EIT Health conference

Has Covid reset the pace of change in healthcare and the appetite for reform in Europe? The EIT Health conference in Stockholm was a good opportunity to answer those twin questions....

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Partnering to build a regional network

We explore how you best build partnerships with fiercely independent regional hospitals with Tad Morley, Executive Director of Outreach & Network Development at the University of Utah Health. That involves a lot of trust, telemedicine and the discipline of KPI...

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Karolinska unlocks collaboration between hospital and research

Trapped in silos, European university hospitals and their twinned research institutes are exploring better ways of working together. Karolinska Institute and the Karolinska University Hospital have created a new 50/50 joint venture, PMCK - Precision Medicine Ce...

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Blog: Twinning isn't good enough

Historically, university hospitals in Europe have been paired with research institutes in a separate twinned relationship. The harsh truth is this doesn't work well. If Europe is to emulate the success of Boston's biotech hub we need unified structures where sci...

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