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New Approaches to Training

With a soaring global shortage of health care professionals, operators have to re-strategise and develop innovative approaches to bridge the gap. In this case study-led session we’ll examine novel approaches to attracting the right people, developing in-house training programmes and increasing retention by becoming an ‘employer of choice’. Speakers include: Dr Jurgen Laartz, CEO and […]

Expanding Care at Home

Care delivered at home is set to soar as new monitoring, diagnostic and telehealth technology creates new models of care. In this session we’ll explore how operators are managing the transition and the impact on inpatient care, their asset base, care pathways, etc. What are the implications for the traditional healthcare enterprise? Speakers include: Thierry […]

Building Capacity and Care Pathways through Partnerships

How do governments best build capacity quickly? Through partnerships with the for-profit sector. Using the case study of diagnostic imaging networks in the UK and Nordics this session explores how partnerships enable new care pathways to be created, encompassing digital transformation, workforce development and improved patient experience. What other countries and sectors could this model […]

Investment opportunities in UK & Ireland

The UK remains by far the largest market for private equity investment in Europe. But what are the dynamics post-Covid and post-Brexit? A wide-ranging exploration with expert advisors, investors and operators discussing the region’s investment opportunities, growth sectors and regulatory environment. Speakers include: Brian Donley, CEO, Cleveland Clinic London Sharon Lamb, Partner, McDermott Will & […]

Primary Care PLUS

The huge primary care sector in Europe holds the key to outpatient consolidation.  Here we look at how operators are pairing it with digital and telehealth, pharmacies and imaging. And at how they are reimagining its delivery and business models. Amon van den Borg, CEO, AEZ Group Bart Malenstein, CEO, Quin Murray Ellender, CEO and […]

Delivering Digital ROI

There’s no getting away from digital – but is it a money pit, or a money maker? In this session we’ll ask the thorny questions about how digital transformation really contribute to the bottom-line. How do you track and measure the value being derived from digital transformation? We’ll ask our panel of experts to share […]

The Truth about AI

Has AI delivered for healthcare – yet? In this session we’ll explore what we know about AI today and how we can best shape our thinking about AI as a tool in the transformation toolkit. Through case studies we’ll look at scenarios where AI is delivering impact, providing a deep-dive into the practicalities of implementation. […]

Mental Health

Covid has created huge extra demand for mental health services. How far can this be met by digital therapeutics and how can operators consolidate this fragmented sector?  And how far are more acute psychiatric needs being addressed in the for-profit sector? Speakers include: Kate Newhouse, COO & Executive Director, Kooth Alexis Grand, Deputy CEO, Inicea […]

What we Learned at HBI 2022

What are the main insights and learnings from HBI 2022?  Martin Henrichs of UBS and Max Hotopf, HBI founder, talks about the key takeaways this year in terms of new business models, sector and regional insights, digital impact and the investment climate. Martin Henrichs, Managing Director, Healthcare, UBS Max Hotopf, Founder & Chairman, Healthcare Business […]

Addressing the Unmet Patient Needs

The patient experience may not be as good as healthcare leaders and physicians think it is – this is a key finding from a recent survey by Abbott. In this session, Nick West will explore the findings from a recent survey into 1,800 patients, doctors and health care CEOs in 13 countries. He will explore […]

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