Nova Top 1,300 Private Operators

Constantly updated, this product gives you clarity on ALL substantial private healthcare operators in Emerging Markets from Chile to China and across 50 countries.

It enables you to answer questions such as: Who are the top 110 players in India or the Top 80 in China? Who are the major lab groups in Asia? Or who are the lead players in elderly care in these markets?

Why buy?

  • Save time and money researching these complex markets
  • Identify targets, partners and potential buyers
  • Use it as a basis for further research on market share and size

What it offers

  • For each company you get a sub-sector classification (25 sectors click here for definitions), countries of activity, a revenue figure (actual or estimate), a short corporate profile and contact data. You can also identify ALL private equity owners and ALL listed groups.
  • Constantly updated, you get a year’s subscription to this continuous service
  • Really does cover ALL major players! Includes 20 entries with over $1bn revenue, 23 between $500m and $1bn, 72 at $200m-$500m, 109 at $100m-$200, 150 between $50m-$100m, 245 between $30m-$50m, 297 between $20m-$30m, 300 between $15m-$20m and the rest over $10m.
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