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Elderly capacity nowhere near enough to meet growing dementia need

In this week’s infographics, prepared by strategy consultancy L.E.K. for HBI 2022, we look at the massive growth that will be seen in the number of elderly people with dementia across major European countries by 2030 alongside elderly care capacity in those countries.

Click here to see the slide deck from this session.

The above slide was presented by Eilert Henrichs at the session on elderly care during which Henrichs laid out the major challenges facing the sector in the coming decade, the largest of which is how to increase capacity in the face of rising demand, particularly for specialist Alzheimer’s care, and staff shortages. He argued that the growth in the number of severely dependent elderly people with diseases such as dementia presents a particularly big challenge.

Henrichs also presented survey data on European’s preferences types of elderly care (see above slide). Unsurprisingly, a majority expressed a preference to stay at home. But it is notable that 27% said they would prefer assisted living over staying at home. This is quite high given retirement communities are still a somewhat exotic concept this side of the Atlantic.

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