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UK dental market is ripe for consolidation with single and dual practice dominance

This week’s infographic delves into the ownership within the UK dental market, and the key providers, with insights sourced from Christie & Co.

Analysis of the UK dental landscape reveals a diverse industry composition. Corporate entities and larger groups with over 30 practices account for 18.11% of the total 12,600 facilities, while mid-sized and smaller groups contribute 19.70%. Independent single or dual practices hold the majority share at 62.19%, demonstrating widespread dominance. This distribution underscores the coexistence of various ownership models, suggesting the market has room for growth and consolidation.

Visualised above are the key players in the UK’s dental sector.

MyDentist leads with 543 facilities, followed by Bupa Dental Group with 426. Portman and Rodericks Dental Partners also hold substantial market share, with 384 and 221 facilities respectively. Other companies on the list include Real Dental Company (85), Clyde Munro Dental (80) and Colosseum (77).

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