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Past Issues

Here is the PDF library of all past issues in date order (most recent first), plus what topics we covered in features.

June 2017

In this month’s Europa, we cover deals for Domus Vi and GCC Genetics, elections in France and the UK and bring you interviews with Medical Properties Trust, Wellmo, Health[at]Scale and Ottonova.

May 2017

SYNLAB continues its move into environmental testing, Aspen for sale, £15m for UK dentistry, interviews with Eyal Gura at Israeli tech start-up Zebra Medical Vision and Ronald Van Kessel at Dutch Medical Office Buildings (MOBs) manager – plus our round-ups of the IMTJ conference in Croatia and the Health 2.0 and IFC conferences in Barcelona.

April 2017

We welcomed almost 600 delegates to our annual conference this April and you’ll find a complete round-up of the best stories, presentations and rumours to emerge here. In addition, we have news that the Finnish giants are coming to market, Bupa’s found two bidders for 150 of its homes and an interview with the CMO of the medical tourism site Caremondo.

March 2017

Mayo clinic’s plans for a London hospital, news on Ambea’s IPO, how Unilabs aims to triple sales in three years, and interviews with Andy Lockwood at UK outsourcing group Capita – plus a feature on solutions to recruitment and retention.

February 2017

Business booms in Italy, there are IPOs galore on the horizon in Sweden, Finland and the UK, and we look at the lab market following the proposed sale of Diagnostyka.

January 2017

Cerba to sell for just over €1.8bn, Aevis Victoria launches public takeover offer for telehealth group LifeWatch, and a feature on whether you can make money in UK social care.

November / December 2016

Private equity “certain to bid for Cerba”, Penta plans €1bn revenue East European hospital chain, and Bupa to sell 150 UK care homes.

October 2016

Insight into European players targeting emerging markets, Bupa and Axa loss ratios show PMI becoming a much less attractive product, the rise and fall of digital primary care – plus an in-depth look at the future of the European labs sector.

September 2016

Exclusive insight into the €1.5bn Unilabs sale, Fresenius Helios buys Quirónsalud and the repercussions of that deal, and a report on how Finland is to “privitise” public sector providers – plus an in-depth feature on the changing face of plastic surgery.

July-August 2016

Medicover plans IPO, Chinese buy Aussie/Euro cancer care group, interviews with the MD of Echevarne laboratories, and with the CEO of Medgate – plus a feature on eHealth and how it is changing the role of insurers.

June 2016

Our take on Brexit, an interview of Philippe Tapié, CEO of Maisons de Famille, a study on the future of PMI in Europe, two reports on the English NHS – and coverage of the 2016 eHealth week in Amsterdam.

May 2016

Our in-depth report on the likely impacts of the Hospital Structure Act in Germany, an interview with Eduard Maták, partner at Penta Investments – and will ICHOM succeed in standardising outcome measurements?

April 2016

We look at political uncertainty in Poland – plus Siemens’ survey on emerging markets and all the news from our 2016 Breaking Barriers conference.

March 2016

Our post-MIPIM healthcare property review, the inside story on Stuart Fletcher’s defenestration from Bupa and what happens when you can get computers to read medical records?

February 2016

What do teleconsultations look like beyond the hype? Plus interviews with Professor Grigory Roytberg, founder and CEO of Medicina, Ekaterina Timofeeva, principal at Boston Consulting Group Russia, and Dr André Schmidt, CEO of Median.

January 2016

An interview with Charles Woler, CEO of bioDS, and our survey of the Russian market.

November/December 2015

A comprehensive report on measuring quality outcomes across the UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. Plus an analysis of the impacts of patient apps on business models, an update on the Polish market and a look at developments in the French, British and Dutch elderly care and homecare sectors.

October 2015

A first look at the booming medical second opinion industry, our report from the driving innovation in healthcare delivery conference, how shared appointments can boost productivity and our comprehensive look at healthcare reform across Europe.

September 2015

Analysis of the European healthcare property market, an in-depth look at babylon health and interviews with GE Healthcare and MD Medical Group.

July/August 2015

We report on France’s second largest group, Measuring quality, take a look at Bulgaria and the future of Assisted Living in Europe.

June 2015

We report on the growing fertility sector, analyse growth in outpatient centres and look at how much the recession led to structural reform.

May 2015

We report on the Healthcare Europa conference 2015, give an overview of the European spa market and report on the latest tech at Health 2.0 Europe.

April 2015

The wrap-up of our 2015 Healthcare Conference plus our in-depth report on psychiatry in Europe.

March 2015

Acibadem’s online platform, branding in healthcare services and we take an in-depth look at Poland.

February 2015

We look at the impact of point of care testing on diagnostic labs and, secondly, at how foreign groups are buying in Europe.

January 2015

Ophthalmology overview, Innovations in elderly care.

November/December 2014

Europe’s top 100 healthcare companies, Finnish insurer plans new outpatient centers and French labs for sale.

October 2014

Alzira’s model under threat, Chinese group Fosun buy Espírito Santo Saúde plus in-depth features on the future of telehealth and private secondary care in Eastern Europe.

September 2014

Eurocept buys Medizorg, the ESS bidding war continues and is there a cure for incontinence? Plus in-depth report on healthcare property.

July/August 2014

We look at Italian healthcare, the international expansion of US not-for-profit hospital groups and specialist care for people with intellectual disabilities.

June 2014

We look at Dutch clinics, Spire’s IPO prospects and the Georgian healthcare sector.

May 2014

Overview of dentistry sector and opportunities in West Europe.

April 2014

Overview of Ukrainian lab sector.

March 2014

Write up of Healthcare Europa conference – how operators are starting to use the web to boost patient numbers and prove quality.

February 2014

Genetic testing and its impact on private healthcare.

January 2014

Procurement in Europe.

November/December 2013

Donor governments turn to private healthcare.

October 2013

Right to die, Czech care homes, Croatia.

September 2013

International hospital chains – do they work?

July 2013

Private equity’s role in private healthcare and care.

June 2013

The UK hospital market, Italian reform.

May 2013

Healthcare procurement in Europe, Part 2.

April 2013

Healthcare procurement in Europe, Part 1.

March 2013

February 2013

Private hospital sector, Finland.

January 2013

Jordan’s healthcare sector.

November 2012

Ambulance sector.

October 2012

Italy’s healthcare sector.

September 2012

Soft outsourcing across Europe, Psychiatry.

July 2012

Sterilisation sector.

June 2012

Chronic Disease Management, European care homes.

May 2012

Property funds – focus on primary care.

April 2012

Medicalised homecare.

March 2012

Ambulatory surgery, telehealth.

February 2012

Care homes in Eastern Europe.

January 2012

Prospects for the healthcare service sector generally.

November 2011

October 2011

September 2011

July 2011

How to avoiding disasters and care scandals.

June 2011

May 2011

April 2011

March 2011

February 2011

Ambulatory acute care sector overview.

December 2010

Healthcare reform in Europe.

November 2010

Medicalised homecare in Europe, Report from Gastein conference.

October 2010

International PMI, domiciliary care overview

August 2010

Private hospitals including Top 100 in Europe.

June 2010

Property funds for healthcare, overview of laboratory sector.

May 2010

Private/Public partnerships in Europe, Building healthcare service brands.

April 2010

Nursing homes in 5 largest West European countries, Overview of imaging industry, Statutory insurers overview