Past Issues

Here is the PDF library of all past issues in date order (most recent first), plus what topics we covered in features.


October 2018

This month's edition sees Diaverum appoint a new CEO in a surprise move, as resolution to the Saudi contract moves closer. Quest Diagnostics shakes things up in emerging markets with the sale of its Indian business, and we analyse how IHH looks to be focusing on emerging markets as it scales down its European business. We also look at what Brazil's Bolsonaro could do for private healthcare, and focus on Africa with updates on Mediclinic, Netcare and activity in Nigeria.

September 2018

This September edition sees M&A take off in Brazil, with deals from Amil and Notre-Dame Intermedica among others. We give you news on the upcoming Diaverum sale and cover a bid from private equity for Abraaj's healthcare fund. Our MENA coverage this month is extensive, with news and analysis from Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Also in this month's edition is an exclusive interview with the COO of Fakeeh University Hospital Dubai, as well as a special report from the Uniglobal Health Insurance Conference in Berlin which we attended.

August 2018

This month's edition brings you analysis of the race to buy Life Healthcare's Indian asset, detailed coverage on all the months' developments in Saudi Arabia, an exclusive on a European telemonitoring outfit's China entry as well as half a dozen stories spanning sub-Saharan Africa. We also interview the CEO of Philips Indonesia and a global healthcare workforce expert on the Filipino skills drain.

June-July 2018

This bumper edition brings you detailed coverage of the newly unveiled draft PPP law in Saudi Arabia, an exclusive on a French lab group exiting the GCC, and insights into the Abraaj saga and what it means for emerging markets healthcare more widely. Plus, a feature on Amazon's latest healthcare move and interviews with a homecare outfit in Southeast Asia, an AI expert on cracking the UAE market and a former CEO of one of the big three South African hospital groups.

May 2018

This month we delve into all things Saudi including the privatisation drive and a huge story on dialysis outsourcing. We also cover telemedicine in China, the Fortis bidding war in India and an interview with Bain & Company.

April 2018

London's QEII centre hosted HBI 2018 again this month, our annual conference dedicated to the business of healthcare across the globe. Along with insights and write-ups from the two-day event, the news includes a chat with the Singapore-based private equity group looking to build a Southeast Asian hospital network, and a Spanish operator with big plans in Africa.

March 2018

Shares in Fortis fall as it considers a sale to Manipal, we speculate who might consolidate labs in emerging markets, and ask an expert what makes a good emerging market investment. Plus we find out why implantables will change healthcare forever, and chat to Siemens about the impact digital health will have on the size and shape of the private health sector.

February 2018

This month, Abraaj places new investments on hold as its founder relinquishes control, we look at the lessons India can learn from Indonesia's foray into universal health coverage, ask why anyone would want to invest in Angolan healthcare, and interview the man who helped turn Al Noor into a US$1bn company.

December 2017 -January 2018

NMC makes more acquisition in UAE, Saudi and enters Egypt in the new year, US health group Sanford enters strategic partnerships in three new emerging markets. We also speak to Charles Wang from Luye Medical Group on the company's expansion plan and its view on the Chinese market.

November 2017

November sees an interesting investment from Chinese insurance giant Ping An, disappointing full-year results from Life and Netcare, and Mediclinic making a game-changing move, potentially. We also look at Medicover's M&A blitz strategy, and consider the future of the genetics industry.

October 2017

This month we have news of a new €2bn healthcare service fund covering the Middle East and Central Asia, and a full series of reports from our inaugural LATAM conference in Sao Paulo in Brazil. We also interview Pramod Balakrishnan the CEO of Emirates Hospital Group.

September 2017

September sees the new Falck CEO systematically examining the business after first half losses, UnitedHealth creating the largest emerging markets provider, and Orpea entering the Brazilian market with a 2,000 bed venture.

July/Aug 2017

News on a fascinating Indian deal involving AI, Brazilian deregulation and Mediclinic's CEO stepping down. This month, we also interview the managers of major operators in India and Mexico and the man starting a new healthcare REIT in South Africa.

June 2017

This month, we report on an AI deal for the biggest teleradiology player in Emerging Markets, we ask who will fund the World Health Organisation's push for UHC, and consider to what extent IHH is still interested in Fortis. There's also an interview with Meena Ganesh, the serial entrepreneur behind Indian group Portea.

May 2017

In this month's Nova, we cover Aster DM's latest IPO pledge, the best innovation in health technology, a round-up of three conferences and take a deep-dive into Apollo Healthcare's plans.

April 2017

We welcomed almost 600 delegates to our annual conference this April and you’ll find a complete round-up of the best stories, presentations and rumours to emerge here. In addition, we have news of NMC’s latest acquisition, a detailed analysis of CARE Hospitals’ strategy and an interview with the CMO of the medical tourism site Caremondo.

March 2017

This month, we follow the entry of Columbia Asia into the Indian nursing home sector, the growth prospects for homecare in Brazil and Argentina and we bring tried and tested solutions to all your HR difficulties.

February 2017

This month we report on the effect of eHealth apps and how primary care can be consolidated, we take a detailed look at Brazil's new post-acute business model and find out why it is attracting foreign interest, and we take a trip to the GCC to look for winners and losers.

January 2017

Our first edition of the year brings news of Narayana investing in Nairobi, Quironsalud entering Peru, and Aetna looking to emerging markets. There's also a look at how unmanned care booths are giving patients access to a battery of tests and remote advice.

November-December 2016

Our bumper November-December edition asks - why has swallowing Al Noor given Mediclinic indigestion? We also look at what Siloam is learning from the airline industry, and there is a lengthy feature on MBAs and executive training courses.

October 2016

Our October issue features news of Alliar breaking Brazil's IPO drought, a Chinese group's plans to buy in Australia, insight into why foreign investors are targeting China and how they are succeeding there, and a detailed look at the diagnostics markets in India and Brazil.

September 2016

Our September issue features details of Singapore-based Fullerton’s plans to IPO, the effect of austerity biting in Abu Dhabi, and our financial review and comparison of international hospital groups – plus an in-depth feature on the future of healthcare in Nigeria.

July-August 2016

Our bumper July-August issue features an in-depth review of the Latam private healthcare market, looks at how politics and strategic purchasing are holding back universal healthcare coverage, and has interviews with Joseph Kutzin from the World Health Organisation along with the usual round-up of news.

June 2016

Our June 2016 issue, with our news round-up from the Colombian private hospital association’s 2016 ACHC Congress, an interview with Medgate's CEO Andy Fischer and a feature on Universal Health Coverage.

May 2016

Lots of really interesting news. Plus the Top 50 players across Emerging Markets, a look at the problems healthcare insurers face in Asia and will ICHOM succeed in standardising outcome measurements?

April 2016

The post-conference issue with a round-up of all the news from Healthcare Business International 2016, interviews with João Seabra from Siemens and Sanjeev Kanoria the chairman of Advinia Healthcare and, finally, the results of our operator survey conducted in collaboration with Siemens.

March 2016

We delve into the debate on the price of private healthcare in South Africa, get the inside scoop on Stuart Fletcher getting the shove at Bupa and examine the potential of rating and booking sites in Emerging Markets.

February 2016

In this issue, we analyse the East African healthcare market and interview Professor Grigory Roytberg, founder and CEO of Medicina.

January 2016

Our report on the Colombian heathcare market, movements in South East Asia and interviews with Mark Britnell at KPMG, CARE hospitals and Ciel Healthcare.

November/December 2015

Interviews with Jonathan Le Henry from PwC Morocco and Dr Ajayi from the Bridge Clinic, our private healthcare in India feature and a look at medical tourism in China.

October 2015

A first look at the booming second opinion industry, how shared medical appointments can boost productivity and an in-depth look at the Mexican market.

September 2015

Analysis of the all the listed healthcare service companies in Emerging Markets, the largest Chinese operators and hospitals, a look at babylon health and interviews with GE Healthcare, Grupo Dabvsa and MD Medical Group.

July/August 2015

Reforming China's hospital sector, analysing Bupa's growth in Emerging Markets, Healthcare developments in ASEAN and Thailand's biggest hospital.

June 2015

Report on Thailand's booming private healthcare services sector. Interview with Pascal Vinet, director of Global Operations for Healthcare, Air Liquide on its plans for medicalised homecare in Emerging Markets.

May 2015

Overview of IFC conference, analysis of elderly care markets in China, India, Brazil and UAE plus a look at the relationship between the Chinese government and the hospital sector.

April 2015

Insights on the Emerging Markets from our Healthcare Europa 2015 conference, plus a 5,000 word report on the UAE.

March 2015

Carlyle looks to Brazil, Morocco's newest hospitals, our Indonesian country survey and a 3,000 word report on investing in the Emerging Markets.

February 2015

We look at South Africa's private healthcare market, Gulf groups moving into Europe and talk to a Ugandan group.

December 2014/January 2015

We look at China's elderly care market, take a look at India's big private hospital groups and give you a detailed report on Brazil's healthcare market.