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Mapping the internationalisation of healthcare in 2019: no major exits

As 2019 draws to a close, we map out international expansion by the private healthcare service sector over the year. It is a huge contrast with what happened last year.

The infographic below visualises around 25 new market entries by operators from across the globe, as well as how the activity breaks down by sector; many of which were first reported by HBI. Click on the icon in the top right to full-screen the infographic for a clearer view.

As with last year’s piece, it shows particular international expansion efforts by French, UAE and Swedish-headquartered groups as growth opportunities locally plateau. The French were the most active by far, with Korian, DomusVi and Orpea buying and expanding all over Europe and LATAM. It is unsurprising that the nursing home sector figures most prominently in the expansion outlined below.

But while last year saw Brazil drawing the most new investment, Germany drew the most interest this year with four new entrants: Medgate, Med Europa (both Switzerland), Gruppo KOS (Italy) and The Fertility Partnership (UK/Poland, which bought Vivaneo whose revenues are mostly in Germany).

Important to note that this infographic does not include acquisitions and organic expansion in existing international markets.

Perhaps most interesting of all, there have been no major retreats from international markets in 2019. In 2018, large operators from developed markets cut their losses in unfamiliar territories: Netcare and Tenet pulled out the UK while Life Healthcare, Davita and Quest pulled out of India (the deal with KKR-Radiant was agreed in December).

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