Mapping the internationalisation of healthcare in 2018: what does it show?

We map out 2018’s international expansion – and retreat – by healthcare operators in one infographic. It reveals clear trends, like; which regions are the most attractive, where sluggish growth is forcing expansion abroad and which sectors are internationalising fastest. But many big players have also cut their losses in foreign markets this year, so was it, on balance, a positive year for proponents of international diversification?

Some 18 deals including greenfield investment, M&A and Memorandums of Understanding with promises to invest in facilities and significant strategic partnerships are covered in the map below. Hover over the solid lines, each of which represents a deal, to see our coverage (with a full list of links to our subscriber-accessible articles at the bottom of the page).

We’ve excluded private equity or institutional investment as capital is more international than healthcare and expansion in existing countries is also excluded. Click the full-screen icon in the top right for a clearer view and see the pie chart in the top left for a summary of how regions and sectors are represented in the map’s activity.

Inevitably there have also been several significant retreats, especially by large US and South African groups cutting their losses in unfamiliar markets; the nine cases are visible on the map with dotted lines (one case is both an entry and a retreat, with NMC’s acquisition of US group Tenet’s majority in Aspen Healthcare in the UK).

Operators in highly consolidated sectors had a busy year looking abroad, with German, French, UAE-based and Swedish groups active in expanding into new territories. The UK had a busy year with significant entries and exits but no UK group expanded into a new country.

In fact, by market value you could argue the above map shows a de-internationalisation of the sector as the retreats were massive – BMI in the UK has around €1bn in sales while the three Indian exits are likely to total a few hundred €m. And many of the international entries here have been small with operators dipping their toes before committing. But add on expansion in existing international portfolios for these and other groups and you would certainly arrive at an increasingly international sector in 2018.

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List of articles mapped out in the infographic:

Air Liquide enters home healthcare market in Saudi Arabia

Albania’s biggest hospital group corners market

Aster DM makes Nigerian play

Diaverum enters Macedonia

Diaverum expands in Brazil

Doctrin targets NHS, as KRY’s UK rollout begins

DomusVi enters Latin America for the first time

DomusVi grows Portuguese network

European digital telemonitoring platform signs contract in China

French nursing home chain acquires Spanish group

German ophthalmology chain enters Swiss market

Is Unilabs looking to consolidate Dutch imaging?

KKR-backed Radiant Life buys stake in Max Healthcare

Menalabs being broken up as Cerba seeks exit, say sources

NephroPlus acquires DaVita India

Netcare to exit UK blaming high rents and declining PMI

NMC Health enters Egyptian hospital sector through management contract

NMC Health enters sub-Saharan Africa

NMC Health’s IVF segment enters Baltics and expands in Nordics

NMC Health’s UK entry and H1 results

Orpea buys again in Netherlands

Ramsay Generale de Sante acquires 96% of Capio

Saudi German makes plans in Nigeria

Schoen opens London clinic and makes further plans for the UK – and elsewhere

Sodexo acquires medicalised home care in Brazil

Strand Lifesciences acquires Quest’s medical diagnostics business

Thonburi Healthcare plans Myanmar-based networkTPG plans Pan-Asian lab roll out with Healthscope assets

TPG plans Pan-Asian lab roll out with Healthscope assets

US health group enters strategic partnerships in three new emerging markets

Werlabs stops B2C blood testing in the UK

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