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Quarterly Membership Update

Q2 2023

As a valued HBI Member, we continually endeavour to increase the advantages included in our membership offerings to provide an outstanding experience. As part of that commitment, we regularly publish new articles on the latest happenings in the healthcare services industry. In addition, we have introduced a convenient side panel on our news article pages, providing links to more information about the organisations and sectors mentioned in the articles.


In addition, here’s the latest updates we’ve made to the HBI Connect and Intelligence memberships this quarter, as part of our ongoing commitment to enriching the membership experience. 

Here are the key highlights:

Expanded Investment Database

We have introduced 113 new investments, now the Investment Database stands at over 2,000+ active investments, ensuring you have access to an extensive range of investment opportunities.

Comprehensive Database Review

The Investment Database has undergone a thorough review and update, guaranteeing its accuracy and relevance.

Increased Coverage of Family Offices

We have expanded the number of Family Offices covered in the Investment Database, broadening your options for potential partnerships.

Enhanced Operator Database

Our team has reviewed and updated all operators with revenues over 200 million from the top five countries listed in the Operator Database, ensuring the information is up-to-date and reliable, cumulatively listing of over 5,000+ operators (healthcare suppliers).

Market Reports

Five Market Reports have undergone an extensive rewrite, providing you with more comprehensive insights and analysis.

Market ReportUpdate Type
Country / BlocSectorReport rewriteImportant update 
United KingdomHome CareYes
United Arab EmiratesHospitalsYesNo
United Arab EmiratesMarket OverviewYesNo
SpainImaging ServicesYesNo
SwitzerlandLaboratory ServicesYesNo
United KingdomNursing/Care HomesNoYes
FrenchNursing/Care HomesNoYes
Czech RepublicDigital HealthNoYes
HungaryDigital HealthNoYes
UkraineDigital HealthNoYes
RomaniaDigital HealthNoYes
United KingdomHospitals (Private Pay)NoYes
SwedenCountry ReportNoYes
SpainCountry ReportNoYes
GermanCountry ReportNoYes
FinlandCountry ReportNoYes

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