HBI Awards 2018: Building a personal health plan service platform for over 600,000 patients

Terveystalo is Finland’s largest private healthcare provider with 2016 revenue of €547m.

It’s personal health plan service platform Oma Terveys, can be used to monitor and review your care history, personal health plan, lab results and wellness goals. It introduced an 24/7 online GP chat function in 2016 using both text and video calling with the ability to attach photographs. It employs 200 GPs to monitor the chat service and claims to be able to reply in seconds. The platform also allows physicians to chat with each other to share information. The app has more than 658,000 registered users.

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1. Briefly describe the organisation giving number of facilities, staff, revenue numbers.
Terveystalo is Finland’s largest private healthcare provider, measured in terms of revenue and number of clinics. Company offers primary healthcare and secondary healthcare services to corporate and private customers as well as to public sector customers. Our range of services includes general practitioner and specialized care services, diagnostic services, day surgery, oral health services and other ancillary services covering the entire integrated health care chain. Our customers include companies and corporations, private individuals, insurance companies and the public sector. We employ nearly 9,000 healthcare professionals, some half of whom are private practitioners. We serve our customers with a network of 180 clinics in Finland, 18 of which are clinic-hospitals. The clinic network is complemented by 24/7 digital services. Our high quality and customer-oriented services contribute to the health of Finns and, at the same time, to the well-being of Finnish society as a whole. In 2017, we served around 1.2 million individual customers who made 3.3 million doctor visits. Digitalization is a key part of Terveystalo’s strategy. Digital tools help Terveystalo healthcare professionals to assess health risks and prepare preventive care plans. Digital tools are also a key factor in customer engagement and customer loyalty.

2. Please describe the patient platform. What precisely does it enable the patient to do?
Oma Terveys is an application that offers the patient extensive information on her/his treatment history at Terveystalo. It can be used with an internet browser or native applications (Android, iOS and Windows). All content of the Oma Terveys application is accessible via a strong identification of the patient. Oma Terveys is a custom made solution operated and owned by Terveystalo.

The Oma Terveys personal health plan service platform can be used to monitor and review your care history (visits, details of the specialists, laboratory results, patient journal, imaging examinations, referrals, allergies, vaccinations, prescriptions and notifications) and personal health plan including wellness goals.

Users of the service are able to book appointments online to all of the 180 clinics nationwide. In addition, Terveystalo provides general practitioner appointments as a chat service 24/7, regardless of time and place, as well as chat services for other specialists. Service platform includes large range of health-related content in the form of articles and offers for Oma Terveys users.

3. Please provide a link to an online demonstration of the device.

4. What in your opinion makes the platform unique?
Oma Terveys empowers the customers by giving a comprehensive 24/7 outlook of their health data. It also shows the visits and medical examinations history while showing the upcoming events. The individual is at the center of the service and the data is shared despite of the payor.

The personalized health plan with shared goals between the patient and the clinician creates engagement and dialogue.

Terveystalo offers user-friendly telehealth services through Terveystalo Oma Terveys mobile and desktop applications. Patients can gain access to a general practitioner 24/7/365 and the average waiting time is a few seconds and the average duration of a chat discussion is 8 minutes.

5. When was the service first launched?
Month : 05
Year : 2012

6. What impact has the platform had on your business?
How many users have signed up for the service? : 685,000
How many have subsequently become active users (We would expect this to be a small percentage of the sign ups). Please define what exactly you mean by an active user: 13% of the total visits (nbr of total visits 5,25M) end up using Oma Terveys after the visit.
Have you a net promoter score for the service from active users? If so, what is it? : Not for this service. We measure NPS for the whole Terveystalo and it is currently 67.

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