Esposti, Federico


Panel discussion: Challenges and solutions

 What are the main barriers to the roll out of comprehensive genetic testing platforms for all patients? And what further challenges are imposed by broader population health management systems? How important is partnering in building these massive systems? Here we dissect the barriers and solutions which we then discuss during the day. Prof Anna Wedell, […]

Addressing the health workforce crisis

Workforce and capacity constraints are the biggest barrier to growth for health care. So what can operators do differently to increase capacity and throughput? What role can automation play to drive efficiency and optimise clinical staff time? How can the redeployment of non-clinical staff change workflows and increase productivity? We’ve selected three case studies to […]

New Business Models for University Hospitals

University hospitals are powerhouses of medical research, the engines turning out new doctors and the places where complex diseases are treated in our societies. But what are the issues that CEOs and management teams face as they wrestle with these often-conflicting goals and the need to stay in the black financially? This panel discussion, partly […]

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