HBI Awards 2018: Using spare capacity to offer low-cost imaging

Virtual network of 38 diagnostic centres in Switzerland, to increase to 45-50 by June 2018.

Corpus has built a platform providing flat rate imaging to HMOs and doctors for a discount of between 10 and 45%. Its achieved by acting as a preferred provider organisation for its partners, and through building volume with local exclusivity offerings for its diagnostic centres, directing patients from HMOs to these centres.

Full application

1. Briefly describe the organisation giving number of facilities, staff, revenue numbers.
Virtual network of diagnostic centers (38 actually in Switzerland and aiming 45-50 by June 2018)

2. What is the nature of the low cost service that the nominated organisation is delivering and to whom?
We are the first to provide flat rate imaging services to HMOs and doctors’ networks. We achieve a discount between 10 to 45% of regular prices. We convinced 38 partner centers in Switzerland to join us and also give them local exclusivity (thus ensuring them to capture competitive market and large volumes). We steer HMOs patients to our partners and act as PPOs for HMOs and doctors’ networks. We have built a unique virtual network of imaging services that follow the same quality of care throughout Switzerland. By targeting specific patients and giving local exclusivity, we have been able to deliver improved quality of care at marginal costs.

3. When did the organisation start delivering this service en masse?
Month : Jan
Year : 2019

4. What has been the revenue from the service in 2015 and 2016?
2015 : 0
2016 : 0

5. What is the measurable saving the organisation has achieved as an operator?
Reduce imaging diagnostic price with pre-defined SLAs and quality of care

6. What is the percentage reduction in cost on the previous model or in comparison to other competitors?
10 to 45%

7. Please describe what makes the service innovative.
What makes the service innovative: factor 1 : Flat-rate imaging for specific and targeted customer (HMOs)
What makes the service innovative: factor 2 : Local exclusivity to convince partners (ensuring volume vs price reduction)

8. How has this impacted on patient/care recipient outcomes?
Price sensitiveness for patient is crucial in Switzerland where costs have arisen 4% CAGR

9. What are the next plans for the service?
We have convinced most of the payors, however not all of them. We also need to ensure that GPs stay our advocates

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