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A look at EMEA’s top imaging services groups by revenue


This week’s infographic showcases EMEA’s top 5 Imaging service groups by revenue in FY2022, compared from 2019–2022: Groupe Vidi, Affidea, Alliance Medical, InHealth Group and Evidia.

The largest of the groups is Groupe Vidi. Originally established in 2017, it is a partnership network of 65 independent radiology groups, targeting consolidation of the fragmented French imaging market.

Affidea is second in our list. The group is diversifying with recent acquisitions, although imaging services remain at their core, with presence in 15 countries and 1,500 scanners spread across 330 centres. The company aims to achieve a revenue of EUR 1bn.

Alliance Medical comes in third by revenue. The group most recently made the news in October 2023, when iCON Infrastructure acquired Alliance Medical for GBP 910m, roughly 11 times its historical EBITDA, from Life Healthcare.

In fourth, we have InHealth who also specialise in remote diagnostic units throughout the UK. They currently see around 4 million patients annually and aim to expand their reach to 5 million via 1000 locations by 2025.

In our fifth and final place, Evidia stands as a new entrant into the market in 2021, via the merging of EQT’s imaging assets, which included Meine Radiologie and Blikk Holding in Germany, as well as Aleris Rontgen in Sweden and Norway.

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